White vs. Jones

Jon Jones is picking a fight that can’t be won. Ask Randy Couture what it’s like when you don’t play ball Dana’s way. Tito Ortiz could probably tell you a thing or two. To quote Dana, “The list goes on and on,” -fighters who’ve felt the need to challenge the UFC President’s authority in the past have always come to the same conclusion. What Dana wants, Dana gets.

Jon Jones has never been willing to move up to heavyweight. Sure, he’s teased the idea several times. But he overplayed his hand when he began boasting about taking on dangerous UFC Heavyweight, Francis Ngannou. The UFC Lightheavyweight champion often goes back and forth with potential foes on social media platforms. Of course, it’s all harmless fun until there’s strong fan interest and a promotion that’s desperate to put on great fights. Which is precisely where we find ourselves as all major sports are suspended. Except for mixed martial arts. Pretty big oversight by Mr. Jones here. Fans aren’t allowed to watch the fights live, which means the UFC is missing out on all of that live gate money. I’m all for UFC fighters fighter for more pay and rights for themselves, but it has to be done under the proper circumstances. And it helps when you don’t piss the boss off along the way.

Jon Jones must need things spelled out for him. The UFC stood behind Jones when he got arrested the first time… and then the second… and third… the list goes on and on. The UFC stood behind Jones when he popped hot for PED’s -then proceeded to work with him to find a way to allow him to compete despite having “picograms” of banned substances in his system. The UFC has been gracious in putting Jon in title fights, even when his outside the cage behavior was less than champion like. I thought he was joking when he demanded his UFC release. Jones tried to discredit the UFC’s treatment of him by comparing his situation to the way the NFL treat’s its athletes. Which makes his case even worse. If an NFL athlete was caught up in trouble repeatedly, they’d probably be hard-pressed to find a team willing to sign them. Just ask Antonio Brown, who got a reality check when he thought the NFL’s rules wouldn’t apply to him.

Jon Jones has gotten in trouble more times than anybody could possibly keep track of, yet he still thinks he has enough leverage to make outrageous demands. He needs a reality check. Luckily for Jones, Dana still continued to work with fighters like Tito Ortiz despite having a strong dislike for him. But don’t expect Dana to be so quick to stand behind Jone’s next time he gets in trouble. And it’s evident that JONES has still learned nothing from all that trouble. He still feels entitled enough to demand Ludacris amounts of money. Give me a break! Maybe if Jon could keep himself out of trouble for a few months and prove to be a reliable champion, the UFC would pay him more. If Jon Jones was willing to take on all comers, the UFC might be willing to pay him more. If Jon Jones did things like accepting a fight with Chael Sonnen on short notice, instead of making excuses to avoid a much smaller fighter, the UFC might be willing to pay him more. But he’s never been ready to play the game the UFC’s way. He’s always looking for favorable matchups and the best possible circumstances. Therefore, he gets what he gets. And he shouldn’t be throwing a fit about it.

I don’t always agree with Dana White, but he’s been more than accommodating with a distraught Jon Jones. Jones even went so far as to say that Dana is tarnishing his image. Really, Jon? Dana’s the one who got you arrested several times?? Dana took PEDS for you?? Please, it’s time for this guy to step up and ACCEPT some damn responsibility for the circumstances he’s clearly PUT HIMSELF in. If the UFC does grant Jones his release, it’s a sad day for MMA fans. I’ve expressed tons of frustrations over Jone’s constant legal issues, but there’s no denying his abilities inside the cage. But understand, Jones won’t be competing in any kind of MMA promotion unless Dana lets him out of his UFC contract. And I wouldn’t put it past Dana to hold things up as long as possible. Especially when Jone’s continues to call Dana a liar. I was hoping to see the day Jon Jones was humble inside the UFC’s octagon, but we can’t always get what we want. As for Jone’s UFC career… RIP.
Even if Jon fights in the UFC again, it’ll never be the same. When you mess the the bull, you get the horns. And Dana’s horns can be pretty long and uncomfortable to deal with.

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