The Pack Recap: Week 11, 1992

Hello everyone and welcome to the Pack Recap. Last week, we visited Brett Favre’s first start. This week, we will visit perhaps the biggest game that took place for Green Bay in the 1992 season.

The 6-3 Eagles brought Reggie White and Randall Cunningham to Milwaukee County stadium. After missing the playoffs the previous year, the Eagles started off 4-0. They had a playoff contending roster and a bunch of confidence heading into their matchup with the Packers.

Green Bay, on the other hand, had only one a single game since Favre’s first start. Mired in a 1-4 stretch, nobody expected the young Packers to make much noise against the Eagles. But the Eagles, and the rest of the NFL, were about to see just how wrong they were.

The opening quarter only offered a field goal from the Eagles, as Roger Ruzek gave them a 3-0 lead near the end of the quarter. Favre and the Packers would strike back quickly, with the quarterback hitting Sterling Sharpe for a five yard score in early part of the second quarter, giving Green Bay a 7-3 lead. They would add to it with a few minutes left in the half, with Vince Workman punching in a one yard run to give them a 14-3 advantage. The score held until about midway through the third quarter, when Heath Sherman scored on a 17 yard run to cut into the lead, 14-10.

That was when things got crazy. In the fourth quarter, the Packers would strike first, with a 3 yard touchdown pass from Favre to Darrell Thompson to put Green Bay back up by 11. Philadelphia would respond immediately, with Randall Cunningham hitting a 75 yard touchdown pass to Heath Sherman. On the next drive, Herschel Walker would score on a 2 yard run to give the Eagles their first lead since the second quarter, 24-21. The drive would see two costly penalties for Green Bay, giving Philly the score in just 59 seconds of game time.

Three plays later, Favre would throw an interception on a pass intended for tight end Jackie Harris. Byron Evans would return it to the Green Bay 20 with 5:17 remaining in the game. That was when Green Bay’s defense stepped up, with Brian Noble forcing a fumble at the 12 yard line. LeRoy Butler scooped it up, giving Green Bay life. Aided by a big play, a 34 yard throw from Favre to Sharpe, Green Bay was able to tie the game on the next drive. Chris Jacke kicked the field goal with 1:31 remaining in the game.

The Packers would stifle the following kickoff. The Eagles, content with the game going to overtime, would try and run the clock out. That was when Johnny Holland forced a fumble out of Herschel Walker that he recovered. Green Bay would milk the clock down, and Chris Jacke would hit a 41 yard field goal as time expired, providing the margin of victory, 27-24.

This game was huge. It started a six game winning streak by the Packers, their longest since the 60’s. It also helped convince Reggie White to sign with the team the following offseason. This game gave a lot of confidence to the young team, and the future, for the first time in a long time, looked bright.


“I’m not ready to anoint our team. But we know Philadelphia will be in the playoffs and we know we can play with them. We’ve turned a huge corner.”

“I’m excited about Holmgren. We’re running the football. If you can do that, you can do a lot of things.”- Ron Wolf

“I thought we could get into a clock game, which we’ve been fairly good at. Then all of a sudden it was just kind of incredible.”- Mike Holmgren

“They had a good game plan. That’s where they won. That three-step drop killed us.”- Reggie White


Passing- Favre 23-33 275 yards 2TDs 2 INT

Rushing- Thompson 15-75 Workman 7-65 1 TD

Receiving- Sharpe 7 Rec 116 yards 1 TD

Defense- John Jurkovic 1 sack

Brian Noble 1 sack, 1 FF

Johnny Holland 1 FF, 1 FR

LeRoy Butler- 1 FR

The author would like to thank,, Bob McGinn writing for the Milwaukee Journal 11-16-92, and the Washington Post

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