Lightsaber Duels

Hello everyone and welcome to Monday. As per the usual, we will tackle a Star Wars related topic. Today, we will be talking about a lot of people’s favorite aspect of Star Wars, the lightsaber duel. Often imitated, the lightsaber duels in Star Wars serve as the piece of Lucas’ films that advance the story the most. So, here are the top five favorite lightsaber duels of the saga:

5. Yoda vs Sidious- We all wanted to see Yoda go up against Sidious. Episode 3 gives us that fight, showing us what the most powerful users of there respective sides would do. It ends up as a stalemate more or less, although the novelization makes it clear that Sidious is stronger. The only reason it’s not higher is because it lacks the emotional punch of some of the others.

4. Obi Wan vs. Vader- In Episode 3, fans are treated to the longest lightsaber duel of the saga. It packs an emotional punch rivaled by very few, and the story of two best friends fighting is amazing. These two know all the other’s moves, and the ending is heartbreaking as Obi Wan must let go of his former friend and do what needs to be done.

3. Luke be Vader II- The second duel between Luke and Vader serves as the climax of the original trilogy. The duel between father and son is more personal than ever, with Luke understanding that it’s not just the fate of the galaxy, but the soul of his father at stake. We see how much Luke has grown, as he is holding back just as much as Vader is. But this match is even, and Luke ultimately has to decide between the light and the dark. Unlike his father, he succeeds with his choice.

2. Qui Gon and Obi Wan vs. Maul- The first duel of the prequel trilogy is the best, serving as a saving grace for the Phantom Menace. Not complicating the fight with too much flashy choreography, the first battle of Sith and Jedi on a millennia is fantastic. Maul’s strategy of separating the Jedi gives us a shock as he kills one of them. Well acted and with a saga altering ending, it is a duel that I appreciate more and more as time goes on.

1. Luke vs. Vader I- The definitive lightsaber duel. This is the one people think of when they hear about a fight. Luke against Vader had it all, from the personal connection to the emotional punch. It doesn’t have the flashy choreography of the prequels, but that’s what I like about it. It looks like Luke is actually trying to kill Vader. I also love that when Vader gets tired of fighting, he completely overwhelms Luke in a manner of seconds. And, of course, there’s that famous twist that comes after. This is the peak of Star Wars. Period.

Well there you have it. I know people like the quick moving, flashy prequel duels, but I think they are a little too superfluous at times. That’s why Luke and Vader take the number one spot. Sequel trilogy duels just didn’t speak to me, and that’s why they are not on the list. Until next time.

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