Vader’s Best Opponents

Hello everyone and welcome to another Star Wars Monday. Today also happens to be the Angry Fan’s birthday. In honor of his birthday, I’m going to list Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker’s top five opponents. For the purpose of this post, I will only be using people that Vader/Anakin actually engaged in a fight, not the people who opposed him.

5. Darth Sidious- Sidious slots in at five. Although they didn’t technically fight in a traditional sense, Vader and Sidious ultimately destroy each other. The complicated nature of their relationship drives much of Vader’s motivations later in life, when he is doing everything he can to overthrow his master.

4. Count Dooku- Dooku was the measuring stick for Skywalker through the Clone Wars, and it was only by defeating him that Skywalker could continue on the dark path to his destiny.

3. Ashoka Tano- Anakin’s padawan, Ashoka leaving the Jedi greatly impacted his views on the order. When they meet up again and Tano discovers Vader is her former master during their duel, it provides emotion equivalent to the top two names on this list.

2. Luke Skywalker- Vader’s son is kept off the top of the list only because Vader didn’t truly hate him. But Luke was the only one that could match Vader’s own potential, equaling him in lightsaber combat by the time of their second duel. Their duels in the original trilogy are still the most emotional, raw sequences in the entire saga.

1. Obi Wan Kenobi- There could only be this name at the top. Vader’s history with Kenobi is well documented, and their friendship is the backbone of the prequel trilogy. Their two duels come at different times in their lives and end with Kenobi ultimately claiming victory both times, making him the only person undefeated against Vader with multiple fights taking place. And before you say Vader defeated Kenobi on the Death Star, Obi Wan backed up his words by becoming more powerful than Vader could imagine.

Well there’s my list. Let me know what you think and Happy Birthday Angry Fan. Until next week.

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