The Pack Recap: 1992 Season

Hello everyone and welcome to the Pack Recap. So far, we have highlighted people and games important to the 1992 Packers season. Today’s post will be dedicated to the milestones achieved by the team and players as well as the leaders of each statistical category. Let’s dive in:


Passing- Brett Favre- 3227YDS 18TD 13INT

Rushing- Vince Workman 159ATT 631YDS 2TD

Receiving- Sterling Sharpe 108REC 1461YDS 13TD

Tackles- Chuck Cecil 102

Sacks- Tony Bennett 13.5

Interceptions- Chuck Cecil 4

Pro Bowlers- 3: Sterling Sharpe Chuck Cecil Brett Favre

All Pro- Listings include 4 publications All Pro Picks

Sterling Sharpe 1st Team AP, NEA, PFWA, TSN

Jackie Harris 2nd Team NEA

Records- Sterling Sharpe Most Receptions Single Season

NFL Leaders- Sterling Sharpe: Receptions Receiving Yards, Receiving Touchdowns

Final Standing- 9-7 2nd in NFC Central Missed Postseason


Between 1967 and 1992, the Green Bay Packers has just 5 winning seasons, earning a postseason birth in just 2 of them. The Packers would not suffer another losing season until 2005, starting with this year.

There’s so much to say about 1992 that is often overlooked. This is where it all started, obviously, but there’s more to it than that. Sterling Sharpe became arguably the best receiver in the league. The Packers found their quarterback of the present and future. The team put together a winning streak not seen since the Lombardi glory years. There was excitement in Green Bay in a way that was different from 1989, when the Packers came out of nowhere and posted a 10-6 record. This was the foundation that caused Reggie White to take notice and decide to sign with Green Bay in the off-season.

Even though the Packers didn’t qualify for the playoffs, as a fan I remember thinking they had turned a corner. They had played meaningful December football. It obviously didn’t end the way they had planned, but it was apparent that the team was headed in the right direction. Thank you for reading the 1992 Pack Recap, and we will begin 1993 next week. Until then.

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