More Favorites

Hello everyone and welcome to another Saturday. Today, I wanted to continue with a little theme I’ve been doing and give you guys a little bit more of my favorite things. This link is the first editions of my favorite things:

So, here are just a few more of my favorite things:

Favorite sport: Football, and nothing comes really close. I do like basketball, but football gets the win for me.

Favorite Writing Project: I enjoy writing in a lot of different genres, but horror is my absolute favorite. It’s the funnest time I have.

Favorite Outdoor Activity: I enjoy hiking a lot, particularly if the scenery is by a waterfall. Just hearing the thunder of the water is a rush.

Favorite Food: C’mon. It’s gotta be pizza!!!

Well there you have it. I probably have a few things in common with you guys. Thanks for reading, and I’ll talk to you again next week.

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