What Luke Could’ve Taught Anakin

Hello everyone and welcome to Star Wars Monday. Suffice to say, the first six episodes of the Star Wars Saga revolve around Anakin and Luke Skywalker. Both are supposed to be the main protagonists of their respective trilogies, and both take a similar path. But, they both choose a different way to walk that path.

First, the similarities. Both come from a desert planet, not knowing their father. Both have Jedi Masters come into their lives and take them away from those homes. Both are too old to begin the training, and both fail tests along the way. They are both seduced by a powerful Sith Lord to turn to the dark side, and both are ace pilots. And, to be honest, both come off as whiny and headstrong. Based on this, it is easy to see why Yoda was afraid training Luke would be a mistake.

But this is where Luke pulls ahead of Anakin. Luke fails a lot in the Empire Strikes Back. From his test in the cave to rushing into his duel with Vader, Luke is repeatedly beaten back. Much like Anakin, who failed to control his emotions with the Tusken Raiders slaughter and then killed a defenseless Count Dooku. The son mirrored the father almost perfectly.

Until he didn’t. Both were afraid of failure, but Luke learned from failure. He learned from the failure of not only himself, but of his teachers and his father. Anakin could never own up to that failure, and was eventually consumed by it. It’s why Anakin turned to the dark side, and it is why Luke did not. Anakin lived a life dominated by fear of failure, and Luke lived one learning from failure.

If Anakin had a little more of Luke’s understanding, his life would have been much different. But he choose the path he choose. It’s just unfortunate that his son came into his life so late. Otherwise, I think Luke would have taught Anakin to overcome Vader and his dark side struggle.

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