Sabotaging The Chosen One

Not too long ago, in a galaxy that resides inside his head…

An Angry Star Wars Fan Theory…

Qui-Gon Jinn was the ONLY Jedi who could’ve stopped Darth Sidious.

Qui-Gon Jinn was the ONLY Jedi that stood a chance of stopping one Darth Sidious from rising to power and taking control of the entire galaxy. Do you think it’s coincidental that Obi-Wan Kenobi conveniently found himself separated from Qui-Gon long enough for Darth Maul to strike down his Jedi Master? Then, as soon as Qui Gon’s out of the picture Obi-Wan can magically defeat Darth Maul all by himself. It’s pretty obvious that Qui Gon’s death was no coincidence and was actually orchestrated by the envious Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Obi-Wan was jealous of the attention Qui-Gon was giving the Chosen One. Qui Gon was completely enamored with the discovery of Anakin Skywalker and was 100 percent certain he’d found the Chosen One. Suddenly, Obi-Wan’s training meant nothing to the veteran Jedi who refused to become a member of the corrupt Jedi Council. Rather than be encouraged by Qui Gon’s blessing, Obi-Wan became filled with angry jealousy that would lead to the ultimate demise of the entire Jedi Council.

Obi-Wan Kenobi saw himself becoming the greatest Jedi of all time. He couldn’t get over the fact that Anakin Skywalker was blessed with more midichlorians than he could ever dream of having. Kenobi was fully aware of the Jedi prophecy that spoke of the chosen one bringing balance to the Force and couldn’t accept the fact that he, himself, wasn’t the Chosen One. In a last ditch effort to win Qui Gon over, Obi-Wan tries convincing his Jedi trainer that Anakin is, in fact, dangerous. Qui Gon’s fate was sealed when he told Obi-Wan the boy wasn’t dangerous and the Council would decide his fate. That was the last straw. Obi-Wan wasn’t taking any chances so he took matters into his own hands.

So, after Qui Gon was ruthlessly eliminated by Darth Maul Obi-Wan could see his plan coming to fruition. That plan was for Obi-Wan to become a member of the Jedi Council and prevent Anakin from serving on that same council. Why else would Obi-Wan be so insistent on training Anakin? AFTER Obi-Wan himself was trying to warn Qui-Gon how dangerous Anakin might be? Because it was never about Anakin being dangerous. It was all about Obi-Wan trying to manipulate Anakin’s future. What better way to hold the Chosen One back than to become his trainer. Only Obi-Wan’s plan blew up in his face.

Anakin Skywalker became the most feared Sith Lord the galaxy will ever know when he transformed into Darth Vader and carried out order 66. It’s really too bad Obi-Wan had to be such a jealous asshole because the entire Jedi order was sacrificed as a result of Kenobi’s selfishness and insistence on becoming a member of the flawed Council. Obi-Wan was forced to live out the rest of his days in disgraced isolation as he waited for The Chosen One’s son to grow old enough to finish the task he never could. 

Obi-Wan did his best to try and hide from his past. Which is exactly why he was calling himself “Ben” and  why he lied to a young Luke Skywalker about Darth Vader’s real identity. I can’t believe some people think this coward was actually one of the greatest Jedi of all time. All I know is if Obi-Wan is a “GREAT JEDI”, I’d really hate to see what kind of behavior a bad Jedi displays.

What do you think? Did Obi-Wan sabotage Anakin on purpose? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

If you’re interested in seeing what would’ve happened if Qui Gon was never struck down by Darth Maul, be sure to check out my Rogue Warriors post. I’ll have part 2 ready for Thursday.

As always, thank you for reading and have a great day!

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