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Hello everyone and welcome to Star Wars Monday talk. Obviously, we have covered a lot of topics in this weekly column. Some of those topics include what is “Disney Canon”, and some “Legends Canon”. I prefer Legends myself, and today I wanted to go over my Top 5 favorite Legends Storylines. So, without further ado:

5. Dark Empire- The comic book arc that brought Emperor Palpatine back in clone form way before Rise of Skywalker, this saw Luke Skywalker temporally fall to the dark side. My favorite part is the second showdown between Sidious and Luke, battling as the respective avatars of their sides of the Force. The duel we should have gotten on ROS.

4. Abeloth Arc- The final arc of Legends before Disney acquired Star Wars, Abeloth gave Luke Skywalker his greatest challenge. One of the only beings capable of taking the Son and the Daughter down, Luke Skywalker had to team up with Darth Krayt for his final battle against this Force God.

3. Darth Caedus Arc- The fall of Luke’s nephew to the dark side was done in canon, but this is much more nuanced. And, instead of Skywalker running from the fight, he helps in the fight to try and stop his nephew. With the stakes higher and more personal than ever, the Skywalker line is tested like never before.

2. The Thrawn Trilogy- The stories credited with renewing interest in Star Wars in the early 90’s, these three books introduced us to Grand Admiral Thrawn, one of the greatest characters in Star Wars history. The New Republic meets perhaps the only person capable of uniting the empire with Palpatine gone. A gripping set of books.

1. The Yuzhan Vong War- The best arc in my opinion, this should have been the sequel trilogy. Instead of seeing Sith vs. Jedi, we should have been treated to an opponent that was Force resistant. It would have forced the heroes to get creative with their strategies, and moved the franchise into the open universe Disney seems to want to create.

Well there’s my list. Of course, there are a ton of stories within the Legends canon that are worth checking out. Until next time.

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    1. The writing was a little inconsistent, but I love the Abeloth character. And I love the final battle.

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