four potential Jon jones superfights

Jon Jones is currently locked in a contract dispute with the UFC, and I have the perfect solution. Jones has been champion of the light heavyweight division for so long that he’s become bored with merely defending that title. So, I think Jones should drop the belt and work on chasing super fights for the remainder of his career. Give the fans what they want and match Jones up against one of the following four fighters.

Daniel Cormier
I’d love to see a third fight between Jones and DC at heavyweight. I was rooting for DC to beat Jones in their two previous battles and was quite disappointed when DC got knocked out via head kick during that second match. I was positive DC could beat Jones, and I still think he could if he didn’t have to cut so much weight. Cormier is better as a heavyweight fighter, in my opinion, and if Jon Jones is the GOAT, he should have no problems accepting this matchup.

Anthony Johnson
I’d love to see if Jones can overcome and withstand Johnson’s massive power shots. I know DC beat AJ on two separate occasions, but styles make fights. DC’s wrestling was used perfectly against Johnson, but I doubt Jones would use such a heavy wrestling strategy. Not to mention, Johnson did tease a comeback a few months ago, so it sure would be nice to get a fight signed.

Francis Ngannou
Jones has been flirting with the idea of fighting Francis. One of my biggest criticisms against Jones has been his unwillingness to make a move up to heavyweight. Its obvious no Lightheavyweight on the planet can hang with Jones. He’s cleaned out the entire division on multiple occasions. A step up to heavyweight alone would be a huge deal, and a win over Francis would make his GOAT status nearly unreachable.

Stipe Miocic
Stipe is arguably the greatest heavyweight in the history of the UFC. Jon Jones is the greatest light heavyweight of all time. It makes perfect sense to match these two guys up and enjoy the fireworks that would surely follow. If the UFC wants to maximize the rest of Jones’s career and earn tons of money off his name, they should convince him to move up to heavyweight. And all that would take is the right amount of money, so get it done Dana and stop being such a greedy asshole. I hate some of Jone’s actions, but he’s a talented fighter, and I want to see him get his ass kicked in the cage. If that’s even possible, I’d love to find out.

Thank you for reading and have a safe and happy Fourth of July Weekend.

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