Spin-offs I Want!

Hello everyone and welcome to Star Wars Monday talk. With the release of new Star Wars titles all across various media, as well as rumors of what’s to come, I wanted to give you a list of the Star Wars spin-offs that I want to see on screen or television. So, without further ado:

5. Boba Fett- Whether you want to believe Boba survived his trip into the Sarlaac Pit or not, that wouldn’t be a problem here. With the ability to set this series anywhere in the timeline, it could give us events before or after Return of the Jedi. It would undoubtedly be an awesome series to watch Boba in his prime doing what he does best. It would also give us a chance to see high profile cameos, from Jabba the Hutt to Vader himself. Those cameos are what could set this apart from the highly acclaimed Mandalorian.

4. Young Princess Leia- I think a series about a young Leia, giving us insight into why her devotion to the rebellion is so strong, just makes sense. It could add layers to an established character and give us the opportunity to see her grow into the leader we see on screen.

3. The First Jedi/Sith- This is probably high on the list for a lot of fans, but it would be intriguing to see how the two sides of force users came to be locked in their eternal war. It would set the stage for the Skywalker saga, perhaps giving Anakin and Luke’s stories even more meaning.

2. Revan- Yeah. Enough said. Fans have wanted this since the first KOTOR game, and count me among them. Following his early life and seeing his original Jedi training or following what happens to him after the game’s events, this is something that needs to happen.

1. Vader- Yes, I want to see this. I want to see Vader the Jedi killer. Vader the relentless. Vader the angry. I want to watch Vader grow into one of the most powerful force users of all time as he slowly but surely destroys every last vestige of Anakin Skywalker left inside him until only a sliver remains. Sign me up Disney and make this one happen.

Those are my top five ideas for spinoffs. Let me know if I missed any that you yourself would like to see. Until next week.

2 thoughts on “Spin-offs I Want!

  1. I think these could all be very fun! The hardest to work, I think, would be Vader. How would we not just hate him all the time or go to the dark side ourselves? That would be an interesting writing challenge, I think.

    1. While I agree with that, he also has the most mythology to explore. It would be like watching Breaking Bad almost in that we shouldn’t want to root for the bad guy, but we would.

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