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The name Dana White is synonymous with the UFC. Many fighters have come and gone, but Dana remains. There’s little doubt that mixed martial arts wouldn’t be what it is today without the UFC President, but that doesn’t make him right all the time. Any fighter that’s ever questioned Dana’s authority inevitably finds themselves on the short end of the stick. I’m sure many of the guys that have felt shafted over the years have longed to get Dana into the UFC’s Octagon to settle their differences. Of course, this will never happen, but here are three former UFC stars I’d love to take on Dana White Mano A Mano.

Ken Shamrock
Once billed as The World’s Most Dangerous Man, Ken Shamrock was one of the first fighters who criticized the UFC for its pay structure. Dana White flashed those true colors he’s now famous for as he used Shamrock to make as much money as possible before cutting him from the roster. White proceeded to do everything to disgrace the Shamrock name and went so far as to say Ken owed him $175,000. Ken did his legacy zero favors as he continued to accept matchups into his fifties and threw childish tantrums when things didn’t go his way. Some guys never grow up.

If this hypothetical fight were to occur today, I honestly think Dana would get the best of him. Ken’s taken too many blows, and Dana has a background in boxing. Also, have you seen Dana’s physique? The dude is on some pretty good steroids, and since we all know Ken Shamrock is no stranger to PEDS, I say they’re allowed for this freakshow of a fight. Ken would have a slight chance of submitting the President of the UFC, but I think Dana could connect with a solid enough blow to floor the aging Shamrock. Of course, if this fight were to take place against a thirty-year-old Shamrock, White would stand no chance in hell.

Tito Ortiz
The Huntington Beach Bad Boy ruled the UFC’s light-heavyweight division in the early days. He became a dominant champion and openly campaigned for more money to accept a fight against a rising Chuck Liddell. Ortiz and Dana grew to hate one another over the years, and there were even talks of an actual boxing match taking place between the two. Dana began training before Tito eventually pulled out as he couldn’t risk losing to Dana White. And by all accounts, Tito would’ve been overmatched in a boxing matchup.

Styles make fights, and rules make all the difference. Dana White admits that Tito would dominate him in a mixed martial arts competition. Ortiz would take White down within thirty seconds and begin dropping some heavy elbows on the UFC President’s bald chrome dome. Ortiz would proceed to toy with White and drag the beating out over the next two rounds before finishing the fight. Dana White could use a humbling; while I was never the biggest Tito fan, I sure would tune in to see him lock horns against Dana White. It doesn’t matter if this fight were to take place today or years ago, Tito wins every time in MMA.

Randy Couture
Randy The Natural Couture was the first fighter to hold world titles in more than one weight class. Couture had a big falling out with the UFC while he was the heavyweight champion as he encouraged the promotion to sign what everyone agreed was the greatest heavyweight fighter in the history of MMA in Fedor Emelianenko. Randy stated he had nothing left to prove unless it was against The Last Emperor. Couture would eventually return and lose his title to Brock Lesnar. After his retirement, the feud intensified after Randy came to terms with Spike TV, and White ultimately exiled him from the UFC. Dana even banned Couture from working his own son’s corner in the aftermath.
I’d give Dana no chance of beating Couture under any circumstances. Couture would likely toy with White for a little bit on the feet before implementing his wrestling game by pressing White up against the cage. Randy would proceed to wear White down with his fantastic dirty boxing skills before finishing the fight via rear-naked choke. I say we make this matchup immediately and put the UFC Presidency on the line. Randy has a much better understanding of the fighter’s perspective and would hopefully go back to making the fights we want to see. I’ve grown tired of White’s tactics of finding the yes men type fighters who are willing to fight for the least amount of money. Randy for President.

Well, there you have it—three UFC legends who’ve all had issues with how Dana White chooses to conduct business. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that fighters like Jon Jones and Jorge Masvidal still express frustration. Who would you like to see Dana White fight in a possible match? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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