Root Canal Hell

I found this video from Method Dental, claiming that the root canal procedure usually doesn’t hurt. The gentlemen in the video say most root canal procedures are pain-free. I want to meet this guy in person and ask him a few questions. This is one of the big reasons I can’t stand the dentist. I see them all as a bunch of lying bastards. Does that make me an anti-dentite? The first question I’d like to ask is, why in the hell do you tell people that the root canal procedure will not hurt? That’s a pretty big expectation to set. I’ve just had my fourth root canal procedure done and let me tell you, every damn one of my root canal’s has hurt.

My Short Answer is Yes. Yes, they do hurt!!

Don’t give me this crap about the root canal, not causing my pain, either. I’ve read about how the infection is what causes the actual pain. However, there was a tremendous amount of pain I felt yesterday as the dentist drilled into my tooth. A pain that didn’t exist before the procedure started. A pain that subsided when the root canal procedure was over. So what would you call that? My personal experience tells me that root canals hurt. I tried to tough it out. It started with a dull throbbing that was reasonably tolerable. But the pain I felt was early in the procedure. I had to stop the dentist as the pain intensified as she was performing the procedure. And once that pain sets in, it refuses to go away.

My newest dentist gave me something that dulled the pain a bit, but I felt the rest of the procedure. This is my third dentist, and she just performed my fourth root canal. I’ve finally accepted the fact that it’s not the dentist’s fault. I thought the last guy was damaging my teeth on purpose to line his pockets. But when you consult with several dentists, and they all tell you the same things, you’re forced to face some harsh truths.

Like, what if it’s my fault? I was the one that didn’t take care of my teeth throughout my entire twenties. I had a bad drinking habit that was accompanied by worse dental habits. There were probably weeks and months where I hardly even brushed my teeth. Is that the dentist who tells me I need a root canal’s fault? No, it’s not. However, please stop lying about these procedures. I have a one hundred percent success rate for my root canal’s hurting. And I’ve kept up on my cleanings over the past few years. Two cleanings a year are supposed to minimize the chances of needing a root canal. But the way I see it is the more I go to the dentist, the more root canal’s I need. I avoided the dentist for years and needed zero root canals, so what do you expect me to think?

The last dentist I had before I made my most recent switch told me my teeth were in good shape. I took that to mean I wouldn’t need a bunch of work done. Then, within two years, I needed a couple of fillings, one of which turned into an immediate root canal. The other turned into the root canal I just had done yesterday. What’s up with that? Why would he say my teeth were in great shape if they weren’t. I understand this dentist isn’t the one who neglected my teeth, but these fucks need to tell it like it is.

I’m forced to conclude that dentists are all in some underground Illuminati type group. They seem to have all their patients by the balls, and there’s nothing we can do about it. I guess I need thousands of dollars worth of root canals to stay out of extreme pain. I’d love to have a more holistic approach, but my insurance doesn’t cover that. And I’m not going to live each day in pain if there’s a way to avoid it. Damn you, dentists. I need you to help dull my pain, but I honestly can’t stand you sometimes.

Thank you for reading! Have a great day!!

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2 thoughts on “Root Canal Hell

  1. I hate it when they say something will “pinch.” You mean “hurt,” right? I get that saying, “Hey, this is going to hurt a lot,” means that via the power of suggestion many people will experience more pain, but lying isn’t informed consent.

    1. Exactly. I’m to the point where I cringe whenever they say something will “pinch” or I’ll feel some “pressure.” I felt like I was walking out of a torture chair, I’m glad it’s over

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