Defund The Government

Corporate America at it’s finest. Big companies have everything to gain, while small businesses are forced to be closed. Politicians are playing politics with the lives of the American people. The working class gets screwed every time.

Uber Eats always seems to amaze me. They just sent me a message that contains a video on how to wear a facemask properly. Really? How stupid do they think the drivers are? I can’t speak for anyone else, but when I’m wearing my mask wrong its one hundred percent on purpose. Why would I wear my mask wrong? Because its summertime and on those really hot and humid days, I find it impossible to breathe wearing a mask. Basic logic.

Uber doesn’t use any logic. Because if they did, I’d be getting hazard pay instead of getting my fares nickeled and dimed down constantly. If its as dangerous as they claim, and I have to wear a mask to protect everybody’s health, shouldn’t I be getting more money? Uber says I’m an independent contractor, but they have all the power. Lookout if they send you an update on how they’re going to be “improving” the driver experience. This is a fancy way for them to say that they’re about to lower the drivers’ fare. And reducing the fare wouldn’t be so bad without the deception. Why do they send a message saying the driver experience is improving? And as a driver you must agree to the new terms they send you. If you refuse, then you’re account will be deactivated. So they must get off on creating these excellent expectations only to fuck the driver’s in the ass on the back end.

So, it’s hard for me to believe this pandemic is as dangerous as we’re being told when these companies conduct business as usual. They’re not doing anything to help out the workers they call “essential.” It’s disgusting that the banks have done nothing to help the people who have made them rich for years. It’s nice to know that when the shit hits the fan that corporate America will make things ten times worse by sticking their corporate dicks up our asses with no lubrication.

And don’t get me started on the US Government. I’ve been hearing about a second stimulus for too long now. It’s getting old. I’m also tired of hearing about all this time off our elected officials are getting. What have they done to deserve time off? They keep dangling out this promise of more stimulus money, but if the deal isn’t done before they break, then oh well. They still get to go on break and keep their schedule while collecting a paycheck the entire time. Does anybody else have a job that gives them time off if they don’t complete the work they’re paid to do first? Probably not, but the Government always gets away with this shit.

All I can say is Defund the Government and stop paying these greedy bastards that only wish to promote a political agenda during what’s supposed to be a crisis.


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