Did Palpatine Really Want Luke?

Hello everyone and welcome to Star Wars Talk. Today, we’re going to delve into the ending of the original trilogy and the sequence of events that happened there. This is a topic I see a lot, and that why I wanted to address it today. I will answer the question of whether or not Palpatine wanted Luke as his apprentice?

Now, on the surface it seems like an easy answer. Siths, by the nature of their order, want to become more and more powerful. They do this by acquiring the strongest possible Force users they can. Once an apprentice becomes stronger than their master, the apprentice takes over and becomes the master. Then, the cycle repeats itself. That way, the Sith believe they will always be at their strongest.

With that in mind, we come to the end of Return of the Jedi. Luke has bested Vader in combat, proving himself to be superior to Vader at that point. Not only that, but Luke is young and healthy, his potential not capped the way Vader’s was. When Luke rejects Palpatine’s offer to become his apprentice, Palpatine doesn’t beg him to reconsider. He immediately tries to dispose of him. The big question is why?

Honestly, the answer is he feared Luke. He knew that with Vader, he had an apprentice that was strong but ultimately be unable to challenge him for true supremacy. Luke, however, would have proven to be too much. With a few years of training, he would have been more than Vader could have ever hoped to be. In my opinion, Palpatine never wanted Luke as an apprentice because Luke would have been able to kill him. Although Luke would have furthered the legacy of the Sith in a way Vader couldn’t, Palpatine would have been disposed of. And that was something Palpatine wasn’t going to allow.

That’s my two cents on the topic, anyway. Ultimately, Luke becoming more powerful than Vader or Palpatine would have been a forgone conclusion. Which is exactly why Palpatine didn’t want Luke as an apprentice. Until next time…..

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