The Pack Recap: Week 1, 1993

Hello everyone and welcome to the Pack Recap. Today, we will begin diving into the games that would shape the Packers first playoff season of the Favre/Holmgren era. And what better way to do that than with the first game of the season.

The Packers welcomed the Rams to Milwaukee County Stadium. During the offseason, the hype around Green Bay had been about the defense, which had added one of the greatest players of all time. But on that early September day, the offense showed it had plenty of juice as well.

The Rams started the scoring, making a field goal for a 3-0 lead. It would go downhill from there, as Bryce Paup and Mike Prior would tackle Rams running back Cleveland Gary in the endzone for a safety. After that, Brett Favre would hit Sterling Sharpe with a fifty yard touchdown bomb that was tipped by two defenders. It gave the Packers a 9-3 lead, which they wouldn’t relinquish.

In the second quarter, Chris Jacke hit a field goal to extend the Packers lead, 12-6. Tony Zendejas would respond with one of his own, pulling the Rams to within six. They wouldn’t score again, as Favre promptly led a touchdown drive culminating in his 3 yard pass to Mark Clayton.

After the half, the Packers kept pouring it on. Edgar Bennett added two scores for Green Bay, from 11 yards and 1 yard out respectively, and Chris Jacke would hit a field goal for the lone score of the fourth quarter, providing the final margin of victory, 36-6.

The Green Bay defense was dominant, holding the Rams offense to just 228 yards and 14 first downs. The packers offense was equally impressive, rolling up 381 yards and 22 first downs to go with their six scoring drives. Although Favre and Sharpe had good games, they weren’t the only Packers stepping up. Jackie Harris had a great game as a second read, and new acquisition Mark Clayton made his presence felt during the game. Plus, the ground game found traction behind John Stephens and Edgar Bennett. It made it an exciting game.

As a Packers fan, this felt good. It made the six game winning streak at the end of the previous season seem legitimate, and provided hope for what was to come. Well tackle that more next time on the Pack Recap.


“We can put a lot of pressure on people,”- Mark Clayton

“It’s pretty hard to cover me one-on-one with a linebacker.”- Jackie Harris


Passing- Favre 264Yds, 2TDS, 1INT

Rushing- Stephens- 17Att 75 Yds Bennett 2TDs

Receiving- Sharpe 7Rec 120Yds 1TD

Defense- Butler 1INT Mitchell 1INT

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Harlan Plaza

Photo by Jennifer Kaster

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