A New Hope?

Hello everyone and welcome to Monday Star Wars talk. Today, I want to address a rumor that is floating around on the internet lately. There are multiple layers to it, so let’s dive in.

The first part of this rumor is that the entire sequel trilogy will be retconned so to speak. It will use a device shown in the show Rebels as the Veil of the Force, which is kinda like a time travel device. Anyway, the Veil of the Force connects all time together, allowing people to see things that haven’t even happened yet. The rumor says that it will be used to show Luke what would happen if he tries to kill Ben Solo. Obviously, Luke wouldn’t attempt it, and the sequel trilogy doesn’t happen.

I’m not a fan of the Disney Star Wars films. Force Awakens and Rogue One are serviceable Star Wars films, but I could care less about the other three. If this happens, I think the franchise can take a big step forward. It can stop relying on the Skywalkers and show us other things in this huge galaxy far away. Not to mention, it could heal the divided fan base and restore hope.

I would love it if Disney would give us the old Star Wars back. Of course, there’s a lot of rumors out there right now, but this is one I find most intriguing. Let me know what you think, and I’ll talk to you next week.

One thought on “A New Hope?

  1. If that would be the case, I wouldn’t be very pleased. Actually, I’m not one-hundred percent sure how I feel. On one hand, what a way to waste a trilogy of films. I wouldn’t be as mad if it was only one standalone movie, but no, an entire trilogy. Second, it would just return to Luke. I agree entirely with your point that Star Wars needs to move away from the Skywalkers. Their story is done. They just can’t seem to move on to a new individual set of characters. The Star Wars universe is diverse and vast, so explore it!

    For example, make it like the Fargo or American Horror Story TV series and focus a single season on a set of characters, and in the next introduce new ones. Those shows still have themes and characters that overlap, as well. In the case of a movie, I’d say focus a trilogy on characters, then so on.

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