Tip The Delivery Guy

I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with Uber Eats. On the positive side, it’s an easy way to make money. I also don’t have to deal with a boss or being to work by a certain time. On the other side, Uber uses hooligan tactics. They run what they call “promotions’ where drivers are able to earn extra cash. How much? According to the app during the hours between 5 pm-9 pm, I can earn 1.3 times more on each delivery completed. What a deal! That is until they decide to stop running the promotion, which they will inevitably do. And the newest thing they like to do is highlight an area within the regional map indicating you can earn an extra $2.50 for the next order you complete. When I first signed up with Uber they’d literally give you $2.50 in addition to the fee you earned for the delivery. Now, those bastards include it in with your fare. Why does this matter? Because it seems like they cut out the extra $2.50 altogether. I don’t seem to be getting any more money when they run promotions vs. when they don’t. Uber creates this expectation where the drive thinks they’ll be earning more money when, in fact, the drivers are just lab rats in the sick experiment that is Uber Eats.

So, if you decide to order Uber Eats just know that Uber doesn’t pay for my gas or car repairs. Uber continues to lower the drive fare while making the app more complicated to use. What I’m saying is you need to stimulate the economy by giving your delivery driver a tip. After all, we are required to wear masks now. And I tried going without but was busted by the mask police at Starbucks. So not only do I have to wait in the drive-thru for what seems like an eternity just to get the food you ordered. Then I have to drive through a ridiculous amount of Wisconsin potholes all the while hoping I don’t blow a tire in the process. Remember all of this and tip your driver for goodness sake. Because if you don’t tip me I won’t be making any cash because Uber keeps taking more and more cash  away. Did I mention you need to tip your driver. Please and thank you!

Stay safe and have a great day! And remember to wear that Corona Mask!

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