Return of Lucas?

Hello everyone and welcome to Monday Star Wars Talk. Today, I would like to address another rumor that is currently making it’s way around the web. That is that George Lucas wants to direct a new Star Wars sequel trilogy.

Honestly, I don’t know how to feel. Lucas is obviously the man most responsible for Star Wars. The first six movies are his vision, and that vision tells a wonderful and cohesive story. I believe that vision could have helped the sequel trilogy, as one of the biggest weaknesses I feel is it lacks a unified vision.

At the same time, Lucas could not do it with Luke, Han, and Leia as part of the story. It makes me wonder if he would set his own sequel trilogy in the future, and if he would disregard the current sequel trilogy or keep it.

All in all, it’s an interesting topic. Only time will tell if this rumor comes to pass, but it is clear to me that Star Wars is in damage control mode and hoping to do anything they can to win back the fan base. Hopefully, more good content like the Mandalorian will come out and the future projects can expand the mythology. That’s my take for the week. Until next time….

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