Covid-19 Safety Tips

Public Hand Sanitizer

I found myself waiting at Starbucks to pick up an order, which is an absolute oddity because they’re usually spot on and have the orders ready when I get there. Anyway, I found myself waiting and decided to help myself to the public hand sanitizer they had right beside the entrance door. After using the sanitizer, I couldn’t help but wonder if I’d made a mistake. I immediately wondered about the quality of this sanitizer. The stuff I keep in my car, which is called smart care, says it kills 99.99% of most germs. Now, that’s really comforting during this pandemic we currently find ourselves in. Has it ever occurred to you how nasty the spigot or nozzle or whatever is dispensing the sanitizer is? I couldn’t help but wonder how many grimy fingers and repulsive palms had touched this nozzle before I used the sanitizer. What about the .01% of germs that are left?

Now you must consider everybody that goes to use the public sanitizer probably has really disgusting hands. I mean, they wouldn’t even consider using this sanitizer unless they had really filthy hands. So lets hypothetically say there are a million germs on this sanitizer nozzle. If the sanitizer kills 99.99% of them, it would leave approximately 100 germs, which sounds like plenty to me! Remember, the sanitizer says it kills 99.99% of MOST germs. So which germs are left? Are they the germs that carry COVID-19? Or the flu? Or some other crazy sickness I’ve never even heard of? And what if there’s more germs than they hypothetical million I mentioned? My mind cant’t stop thinking about the nasty cesspool of germs that just had to be building upon that sanitizer nozzle. So after considering all this information, I’ve concluded it’s not worth using the public hand sanitizer. I’ll just keep using the stuff I keep in my car because at least I know that my disgusting hands are the only ones using that particular nozzle.

This is what eventually happens when you use public hand sanitizer
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