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Okay, so today I’m going to talk about something bothering me for years; since I was a kid. Have you ever seen the movie The Dream Team (1989)? The cast includes Peter Boyle, Christopher Lloyd, and Michael Keaton. Oh, and Karen (Lorraine Bracco) from Goodfellas is also in there. Lloyd and Boyle are spots on with their roles, each playing mental patients with different issues. However, there’s something terribly off with Michael Keaton’s character.

Just look at that Mullet Perm!

Michael Keaton plays a mental patient with a history of violence; only I can’t take him seriously because of his ridiculous looking hair. It’s basically a permed mullet and doesn’t fit someone with a history of violence. There are several scenes in the movie where Keaton tries to be threatening. Now I must be honest. If a guy with hair like that threatened me, I’d bust out into a fit of all-out laughter. He’d be better playing a Bozo the Clown type of role because the son of a bitch sure does look funny. Just not threatening.

I can’t believe the director, Howard Zieff, let Keaton show up for filming looking like this. It completely blows my mind how the entire film was shot with this ridiculous looking Bozo running around with a permed mullet making threats. The topic must have come up when Howard interviewed to direct other films. I” m sure he was asked about this horrendous looking mullet and instructed to pay better attention to the characters’ significant details in the movies he was responsible for directing. Unreal! But deep down, I’m quite glad it happened. I’m still laughing about it all these years later.

I think perhaps someone should have educated Howard on the acting abilities of Denis Leary. Denis Leary’s hair is way more bad-ass than Michael Keaton’s. Denis Leary is always great for a character that has a history of violence. If Denis Leary had been in this movie, he would’ve been way more convincing in the role. Bottom Line!

Way more Bad-Ass!!

Are there any movies where a character’s hairstyle drives you crazy? Let me know in the comments. Thank you for reading The Express Yourself Freely Blog and have a great day!

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