Ultimate Grudge Match

Jon Jones vs. Brock Lesnar! The thought of it excites me!! The inner dark side that resides deep inside me has found a way to make it an even more spectacular showdown; if that’s even possible. And the best part, anything goes in that hypothetical octagon.

Now let’s just throw out the USADA testing pool from the start. Let’s go back the the old Pride Fighting Championship days where they made a point to put in the contracts that they DID NOT TEST for STEROIDS. I fully understand the UFC would never allow Brock to skip the USADA testing period given the shit show that turned into when Lesnar fought Mark Hunt. So, the UFC is just going to have to take one for the MMA Fandom community and release Jones from his contract. This blockbuster event has Bellator MMA written all over it.

I can picture it now. Jone’s vs. Lesnar, both pumped full of ROIDS. I imagine Jones would bulk up to about 250lbs while Lesnar could tip the scales at over 300 come fight night. I wonder if Jones would be able to damage Brock’s tree trunk legs when he implements his borderline cheating oblique kick tactics. The BEAST INCARNATE will undoubtedly be used to the constant eye-gouging attempts from his legendary matches in the WWE. This would be totally epic!

It could only be better if they threw out the 265lb. Weight limit altogether and just let these guys show up weighing whatever they damn well feel like weighing come fight night. Let’s make this happen. Get Dana to trade Jon Jones away, Scott Coker. Do something positive for once in that miserable existence you call an MMA promoting career and find a way to make this fight happen.

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