Favorite Star Wars Characters Part 2

Hello everyone and welcome to the second edition of my favorite Star Wars characters. Last week, I covered Luke Skywalker and the reasons he remains my favorite Star Wars character of all time. Today, I want to go into another character that cracks the list. That is, of course, Han Solo.

Let’s face facts. Han Solo is the coolest character on Star Wars. Brought to life through the fantastic performance of Harrison Ford, Solo exudes confidence regardless of the situation. Whether he’s trying to smooth things over with Jabba or talking to the leaders of the rebellion, Solo always seems like he’s going to find a way out of the situation. Although he comes off as uncaring and aloof to the plight of anyone not named Han or Chewbacca when we first meet him, we find out there’s a lot more to the character. He puts his life on the line for Luke, takes it as his personal mission to fly Leia away from Hoth, and then volunteers to lead the strike team to disable the shields for the second Death Star. Although he gets under all the characters skins, there is no one else they would rather have watching their backs.

I’ll be honest, I probably like Han for the same reason everyone does. He definitely comes across as the most likable character upon first meeting him. He isn’t as whiny as Luke, or as stuck up as Leia. He isn’t as mysterious as Obi Wan or as crazy as Yoda. Nope. He shoots Greedo, acting on intuition knowing it was either him or his adversary. Even after all these years of characters introduced in Star Wars, the captain of the Millennium Falcon remains the coolest of them all.

Well that will do it for this week. Let me know what you think about Han. I’ll continue on next week. Until then……

And in case you missed last week’s post: https://freely.express/2020/08/31/my-favorite-star-wars-characters-part-1/

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      1. That’s okay. And Luke definitely has to grow in order to be liked, which is what makes his story so good in my opinion.

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