How Sylvester Stallone’s Career was revived

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Today, I’d like to talk about how Denis Leary single-handedly revived Sylvester Stallone’s career. How did this happen, you may ask? The answer is quite simple:

The 90s got off to a rough start for Stallone. The desperate star was willing to try anything to prove to the Hollywood hotshots that he could return to the superstardom he enjoyed in the 80s. So, he went back to the Rocky Balboa gimmick with Rocky V, which was considered a huge box office disappointment.

Next, Sly tried his hand at comedy. He starred in Oscar (1991) and Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot (1992), movies that were considered commercial disasters. But that comes as no surprise as we all know that Sly is a much better action star than he is a comedic actor.

It wasn’t until Denis Leary agreed to play the role of Edgar Friendly in Demolition Man that Stallone’s career was revived. The studios first approached Leary with intentions of having him play what eventually became Sly’s role. Leary declined as he couldn’t bring himself to play a police officer who was basically responsible for the fall of mankind as we know it (according to the film’s storyline). Leary countered with a character he created on his own. Edgar Friendly was a man’s man. The leader of a revolution that refused to bow to the corrupt laws his disheveled government tried ramming down his throat. Edgar Friendly was a man that refused to use the seashells after taking a shit because Edgar Friendly cannot be brainwashed by a communist regime. Edgar Friendly wipes his ass with good old fashioned toilet paper, the way it’s supposed to be. Edgar Friendly is the type of role Denis Leary plays because he’s a hero.

So, everyone should bow down and thank Denis Leary for accepting the role that revived Stallone’s career. Without Denis Leary, Rocky and Rambo would’ve died off with the 80s. The Expendables wouldn’t exist, and Stallone would’ve reprised his role as The Italian Stallion, but not in Rocky. Stallone would’ve been doing porno vids cuz the studios had lost faith. The success Sly enjoyed during the second half of his career is all thanks to Denis Leary. A man’s man who wipes his ass with good old fashioned toilet paper!

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