Fantasy Football is back baby!!

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Football is back, baby! I can’t fully describe the level of excitement that suddenly filled my body as the NFL season kicked off last night. Which brings me to the main topic of this post- Fantasy Football!!

I love fantasy football but can admit I’m not very good. Though I feel like there’s tons of luck involved, I have an older brother who continually reminds me of my inferior abilities when compared to his. And it’s hard for me to argue. I’ve played tons of fantasy football. Tons, but have never won the big one. Well, I did win ONE time, but it was a league my brother wasn’t involved in.-OF COURSE it was!! HAHA!! My older brother, Al, and I have been involved in fantasy leagues for the past 20 years. WOW! I must be getting older because that’s not even an exaggeration.

So. this league, I do with my older brother, is called “The League.” Like a said earlier, since we started The Leauge, I’m fantastic in the regular season but always lose quite badly come playoff time. I’ve carried the Marty Schottenheimer moniker for several years due to my terrible luck come fantasy football playoff season. It’s also worth mentioning that my brother in law is involved in the league this year. My dumbass brother in law who wasn’t involved in the league for the first ten years we did it, decided to join a few years back. That rat bastard won the title during his first season. The next season he won it again and then walked away from The League.

I tell you, I’m kursed. But it’s not just any little kurse; this is Kaster’s Kurse we’re talking about here. Ladanian Tomlinson was a fantasy football God until I drafted him. Sean Alexander, Aaron Rodgers, the list of careers this Kurse has ruined goes on and on. But this year is going to be different, I swear. I’m going to break this Kurse because I have the perfect team. And if my perfect team doesn’t work, I have a backup team as I’m in 2 different leagues this season. Fantasy Football rocks!!

I drafted Travis Kelce on one of my teams (not in the league called The League). He had a solid game, which is bittersweet. Because I played against Travis Kelce in my other fantasy league, this is where fantasy football bites you in the ass. The multiple team syndrome where Kelce helps me in one instance and screws me in another. So, on the one hand, I’m glad Kelce had a pretty good game (even though it could have been better), but on the other hand, I’m not happy about having to overcome the 17 points he scored as a Tight End. Because I don’t think Hunter Henry’s got 17 points in him, but a guy can hope.

Oh yes, it’s a love-hate relationship with fantasy football, but I’m so glad it’s back. Anything to take the attention off the ridiculous smear campaigning and Corona Virus political leveraging.

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