5 top opponents for a Nick Diaz comeback

Nick Diaz has teased a comeback. For like the billionth time. Last year Diaz got my hopes up by granting Ariel Helwani an interview about wanting to fight BMF Champion Jorge Masvidal. I’m still waiting… As I wait in anticipation for an actual bout announcement, I can only speculate on the matchups that will create the most action-packed fights for the elder Diaz brother. Here are Five potential action-packed opponents that could welcome Diaz back with closed fists.

Robbie Lawler
I know ruthless has seen better days, but where the hell has Diaz been? Robbie Lawler will press the action and take the fight to Diaz, making for an awesomely entertaining fan-friendly fight. I think either man will be centrally focusing on the other’s crotch as he chases the legs and looks to dry hump his opponent on the ground. This rematch is nearly 20 years in the making and would undoubtedly show the UFC if Diaz is serious about making this comeback. But I’m sure Diaz is looking for that cash grab super fight, and since he won the first matchup probably won’t be interested. But a fan can hope, right? Two old warhorses throwing down!!

Darren Till
Diaz could make his return to the octagon in style by accepting a fight against the up and coming Darren Till. This fight could benefit both competitors into instant title contention. And Diaz is getting a bit older now, so avoiding the cut down to 170 and accepting a fight at 185lbs has to be appealing. Till will look to strike with Diaz, which is exactly what Diaz should be looking for in his return fight. And don’t worry, Nick, a victory over Till at 185lbs will surely give the UFC every bit of leverage it needs to put you right into a 170lb title fight. That doesn’t make any sense??? But it makes perfect sense to Dana White and the UFC brass$$$$

Conor McGregor
McGregor needs a fight. And bad… Notorious is once again making headlines for all the wrong reasons. I can’t say I’m surprised. If I became as rich as Conor at such an early age, I’d probably be living a similar lifestyle to what Charlie Sheen lived most of his life. We don’t need to hear about Conor potentially sexually harassing women and punching old dudes in the face. Let’s see Conor punch Nick Diaz in the face and see what happens. C’mon Conor, don’t be scared, Homie. Sign on that dotted line and make both these comebacks official.

Jorge Masvidal
Yeah, I’ve heard the rumors about Masvidal fighting Nate Diaz for his BMF Championship. Only Jorge dominated the first fight, and I don’t see how a second matchup would be different. This fight has the best built-in storyline for a Diaz return. Older brother comes out of retirement to avenge his baby brother’s loss and add the BMF title to his already spectacular resume. Masvidal and Diaz are both real veterans and would undoubtedly put on an excellent show for all MMA fans. The thought of this fight truly excites me.

Nate Diaz
Fuck it! Let the brothers fight and pay each of them truckloads of cash to entertain the fans. Look, we all know brothers shouldn’t fight for money. But there’s something quite appealing about it, now isn’t there? Nick is the older brother, but I think Nate could take him. I have an older brother and two younger brothers, and I never want to lose to them in ANYTHING. So it stands to reason (in my head anyway) that both these guys would dig down deeper than they ever have before to claim victory over his respective brother and gain lifelong bragging rights… Let the brothers get rich by scrapping against one another while also giving us fans a guilty pleasure we’ve been dying to see for years. Period.

And there you have it. 5 great opponents for a spectacular Nick Diaz comeback. Get this man a fight @DanaWhite.

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