My Favorite Star Wars Characters: Part 3

Hello everyone and welcome to Monday Star Wars Talk. Today, we will continue my listing of my favorite Star Wars characters. That is none other than the ultimate Jedi, Obi Wan Kenobi.

When we first meet Obi Wan, he is a mysterious figure, but he is also our guide into the world of the Force. Much as Luke learns, so do we. Obi Wan is presented to us as the last of his kind, and he mentors our hero as the quest begins. Thanks to the prequel trilogy, we get to see his own origins. We watch his friendship with Anakin Skywalker blossom, and then we also see the end of that friendship. We come to understand why Obi Wan is in exile, and why the Alliance is so desperate to have the general back.

Obi Wan is a character that maybe loses more than anyone else in Star Wars. He witnesses the destruction of the Jedi Order, the death of his mentor, and has to fight his best friend. I like Obi Wan because despite that loss, he remains true to what he believes. He allows the Force to guide him, accepting the will of the Force in his duel with Anakin and his sacrifice for Luke. It is that commitment that makes him the ultimate Jedi. There are far more powerful characters in the saga, but none that embody the true beliefs of their side like Obi Wan. Mentor, brother, and friend, Obi Wan is the ultimate Jedi. And, he always has the high ground.

Thanks for reading everyone and let me know what you think. Tune in next week for the next character on the countdown. Until then…..

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