Fright Day

Welcome to Fright Day. Today we would like to introduce a new weekly seasonal column focused on all things horror. With Halloween less than two months away, I figured we’re okay to get started. Besides, the stores have been selling Halloween stuff for weeks now. Halloween also happens to be my favorite holiday, so there’s also that.

The first thing I would like to focus on is a particular genre for horror. That is the slasher genre. I wanted to list my top slasher franchises according to how much I have enjoyed them. I would like to say that I have viewed 99 percent of the films I will be discussing, but that these rankings are based upon my personal feelings. Without further ado….

5. Texas Chainsaw Massacre Franchise- The high point in this one is the first, and the low points aren’t worth discussing. Like they’re really, really low. I also enjoyed the remakes, albeit they lack the original’s sense of dread.

The stars tried to block this from being released

4. Scream- Probably showing my age a little with this one here, but I feel there’s two strong entries in the series. And, you know, Wes Craven, arguably the greatest director of horror films in history. The man knows what people want.


3. A Nightmare on Elm Street- The first one is a classic, and the sequel disappointed. The Third was great, and the fourth was okay. Still, Freddy is an absolute icon and there’s a lot of fun here. This franchise is third not necessarily because of quality, but because the ones above it u simply enjoyed more. Although, again, Wes Craven.

The stuff of nightmares

2. Halloween- This series has my personal favorite film out of the slasher genre, with the first one being that film. Still, the muddied timelines of the fourth through sixth film, the Rob Zombie reboot, and the atrocity that is Busta Rhymes beating up Michael Myers barely keep this from the top slot.

Busta Rhymes literally says Trick or Treat Motherfucker in this movie

1. Friday the 13th- This is the first slasher franchise I viewed all the movies in, and that probably influences me. There are four very strong movies in this franchise, and then there are a few more that aren’t so bad. I guess I had to decide whether Jason goes to space was worse than Busta Rhymes doing Kung Fu. These rankings reflect my decision.

That’s my list, and I know a lot of people would disagree. Some of the movies are really good, and others, well, try and avoid. Anyway, we have several more weeks to discuss all things horror related, so let me know what you guys think. I look forward to the discussion, and I’ll talk to you again next week.

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    1. Would definitely say 6 is at the top followed closely by 4. I also enjoyed 1 and 2. And I like Freddy vs. Jason as well.

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