Packers tame Lions to claim victory

Okay, so last week I said I couldn’t think of a better way for the Packers season to start than open up with a road victory against a division opponent. The 2020 season’s start got even better as the Packers tamed the visiting Lions with an impressive 42-21 victory. It was a bit of a rocky start for the defense. Actually, it was more than that. The defense looked like absolute trash during the entire first quarter of play. Matthew Stafford and company moved the ball at will as they established an early lead. I was a bit nervous in the early going, but I blame Mike McCarthy for that; the stench of his inconsistent defensive units still burns deep within my nostrils.

But, this is the Lions. The Lions that blew a 17 point lead late in the first week to lose to Da Bears. So, after the Packers took the lead just before halftime, I knew this one was well in hand. Aaron Rodgers looks like an early-season MVP contender. Didn’t I mention last week that drafting Jordan Love has motivated Rodgers in ways that can’t be described? In the words of Stephen A. Smith, Aaron Rodgers is a Bad Man. A Bad man with a running game. A bad man with a solid defense. Yes, I said it. The Packers have a solid defense.

I’d be lying if I said I had complete confidence in this defense, but I definitely like what I see through the first two games. I had a brief conversation with one of my uncles who mentioned that the team couldn’t be giving up 24 points in the 4th quarter of a game (he was referring to the first games against the Vi-Queens). My response to his was, Yes, they can because they won that game. Of course, it’s not ideal when you watch your defense let up a bit the way they did in week 1, but my point is, why do Packers fans have such a negative outlook? Many Packers fans won’t enjoy the season week to week because they’ll be looking for the flaws that the San Francisco 49ers will eventually expose. And they have good reason to feel that way, but the Packers only play the 49ers one time this season. Unless they meet in the Playoffs, so, I for one, will be enjoying these games each week. And I encourage the rest of Packer nation to do the same.

The Packers will be hard to beat if Aaron Jones continues to play the way he did against the Lions. 18 carries for 168 yards and two touchdowns. And those are just his rushing stats. He added four catches for 68 yards and another touchdown, which equals an unstoppable offense for the Lions to stop and a great victory for one of my two fantasy football teams. Great job, Mr. Jones! I know it’s just the Lions, but the excitement I have for the 2020 Packers team continues to grow. The best part is that there’s tons of room for improvement.

Davante Adams went down with an injury, which surely isn’t a good thing, but it will force Rodgers to look for the open receiver instead of favoring Adams too much as he’s known to do from time to time. I thought that Rodgers played his best football of the season while Adams was sidelined last year, so there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. The injury to Adams is just frustrating. It seems like since he signed that contract which paid him like a number one wideout, he’s been injured—a lot. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not claiming it’s his fault or anything, but it’s damn sure frustrating to see as a fan. Which means Davante is probably more frustrated than I can imagine… but he signed a four-year extension that paid him $58 million back in December of 2017. And I’m pretty sure he still gets paid whether he gets injured or not.

The Packers are playing the New Orleans Saints on Sunday night football next week. I must say, in the words of Georges St-Pierre, I’m not impressed by the Saint’s performance against the Raiders. I was really hoping the Saints would win because, according to my Fan Logic, the Saints will be an easier target for the Packers coming off a victory. But the Saints fucked that up, so now the Pack will just have to issue them their 2nd consecutive loss.

The only thing that could’ve made the Packers victory taste a little sweeter is if the Cowboys would’ve held up their end of the bargain and lost as they should have. But the entire Falcons special teams took some stupid pills before the last play of the game and didn’t realize that they can recover Dallas’s onside kick attempt before the ball travels 10 yards. So the Falcons literally watched as the Cowboys recovered the onside kick and proceeded to win the game. Enjoy it while you can, Cowboys fans. The many disappointments McCarthy will surely bring are still ahead of you.
Go Pack Go!!

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