Favorite Stephen King Horror Books

Hello everyone and welcome to Fright Day. Today, I would like to analyze my favorite author. That is none other than Stephen King, a man synonymous with the horror genre. King is much more than a horror writer, but is known for creating some of the scariest characters in literature. Today, I would like to list my favorite books by him that are exclusively in the horror genre. Without further ado, here are my top five Stephen King horror novels.

5. Salem’s Lot- This is a fantastic vampire novel. King wondered what Dracula would be like living in the 20th century, and crafted this tale about the creature of the night slowly infecting the town. Standing in his way of total domination are Mark Petrie, James Cody, Matthew Burke, and Ben Mears. This book is a must for any vampire fan.

4. Pet Semetary- Honestly, this is just a creepy book and premise. King was inspired by real life, and said this is his scariest book because there is no hope. I think it’s scary because I can understand the characters and their motivations. Who wouldn’t want to bring their child back after they were taken from them? Louis Creed may provide the answer, because sometimes dead is better.

3. The Stand- To me, this is the ultimate tale of good versus evil. It also shows how humanity slowly devolves, destroying themselves even as a virus ravages the world. And that the scariest thing about living in today’s world. King weaves a tale around what should be fiction, but could unfortunately become reality all to easily. Just let’s hope the Walking Dude doesn’t show up.

2. It- This is it for me. This is probably my favorite King horror novel, as the Losers versus It is a battle I’ve revisited countless times. It tells the tale of lost innocence and the power of memory, and it shows that a town can become so corrupt that evil is simply part of it’s fabric. From the terrible first scene to the final confrontation, It keeps the scares coming and the tension high.

1. The Shining- To me, this is King’s scariest book because the concept is grounded in reality. Any father could sympathize with Jack Torrance, and it shows how even the best intentions can become twisted. That’s the true horror of this book. That the evil comes from a person it should never come from. From the person you should be able to trust the most. I love the movie, but the book does a better job conveying Jack’s descent into madness.

I’m sure I left several people’s favorites out, so sound off in the comments. Until next time….

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