Political Division

Donald Trump is a racist, and systemic racism exists in America. This is one of the main arguments I’ve heard. So, let’s play ball. Let’s talk about all the racism that exists in this country. Lebron James is the best basketball player on the planet. He’s worth hundreds of millions of dollars. He’s made it pretty good in America as a black man.

Patrick Mahomes just signed a contract that will pay him over $200 million. He’s a biracial athlete that’s made it pretty good in America.

Deshaun Watson is the 2nd highest-paid athlete in the NFL. He’s made a pretty good life for himself in America, as a black man.

Jon Jones is the best mixed martial artist on the planet. He’s worth millions of dollars and has made it pretty good in America as a black man.

  America has allowed these men to thrive and prosper while playing kids’ games. My definition of racism must be different. Because I see an America that allows people from all races to prosper. Does racism exist? You bet it does. But that doesn’t mean the system is racist.

But for argument’s sake, let’s agree that systemic racism is a huge issue in America. Joe Biden has been in that racist system for 47 years. Joe Biden has been passing laws that contribute to racism for 47 years. What the hell is Joe Biden going to do differently if he’s elected President?

The bigger issue America faces has to do with classism. The rich keep finding ways to stay rich. The banks have been operating as if nothing has happened. People have lost their jobs, are afraid they might get sick, are afraid they may get their family members sick, are afraid they might lose their house, yet the banks haven’t lifted a finger to help. Sure, they’ve offered mortgage assistance. But most people don’t understand how that works. It’s too complicated to even apply for, so they avoid it.  Amazon has done pretty good during these times. So has Walmart. Are you noticing a trend? Small businesses were basically ordered to shut down earlier this year. Ordered to close up shop while Walmart, Home Depot, Amazon, and many other corporate businesses are having a great year sales wise.

But the government doesn’t want you to be aware of this. They have already divided us. One of the biggest ways they divide us is with political parties. We have Dumb-O-Crat’s on one side, and Republicant’s on the other. So, they’ve found a way to make us argue before discussing a single issue. Racism is another vehicle they use to keep us divided. If the population is arguing amongst itself they won’t hold the government accountable. The list goes on and on. Both parties have contributed to this mess. 

The only thing I know for certain is that the government makes me absolutely sick. They’ve used scare tactics to promote whichever political agenda they have, and the American people continue to fall for it. Hook, Line, and sinker.

Down with Political parties!

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