Packers move to 4-0 heading into the bye week

The Atlanta Falcons came into this game against the Green Bay Packers 0-3. I hadn’t watched much Atlanta football before last night’s game, but I was aware of the monumental collapse they had against the Dallas Cowboys during Week 2 of this year’s NFL Season. I was aware of the mishap the Falcons special teams unit had as they were waiting for the Cowboys onside kick attempt to travel 10 yards before they recovered it. I still can’t stop laughing about that play. I knew that the receiving team doesn’t need to wait for the ball to travel 10 yards before recovering it when I was in grade school. The 2020 Atlanta Falcons had been less than impressive during the first three weeks of the season, which is precisely why I was nervous as a Packers Fan before this contest.

It had all the makings of an upset. The Packers were without their top 2 wide receivers while Matt Ryan came into this one with his full complement of weapons. However, the Green Bay Packers put my doubts to rest after watching the first few series. Aaron Rodgers continues to play like he’s possessed, throwing for 4 Touchdowns as he torched the Atlanta defense. Aaron Jones continues to prove he’s the Packer’s top offensive weapon (other than Rodgers, of course) as he had 111 all-purpose yards and a touchdown. Then there’s Robert Tonyan, who had a breakout game for the Packers last night. Tonyan caught six passes for 98 yards and scored three touchdowns. Hey Packers fans, do you still think the Packers need another weapon at wideout? Think again! Since 2019, Rodgers and the Packers are 5-0 without Davonte Adams in the lineup. With Rodgers playing this way, mixed with the threat of an outstanding running attack, it doesn’t matter who his receivers are. That being said, I can’t wait until Adams and Lazard are back in the lineup to see how defenses will try to defend against them and Tonyan. Get excited, Packer Nation, we’re in for a spectacular season.

The only issue I had with the Packers offense last night was with the red zone offense. I think it was the Packers 2nd drive. They had a 7-0 lead and drove down inside the 5-yard line. I found myself wondering where in the hell AJ Dillon was during this sequence. I thought the Packers drafted Dillon because he runs with power and can potentially break tackles. So why wasn’t he in when the Packers handed the ball off to Jamaal Williams on four and goal from the 1-yard line? I can see what Jones could do, but why wasn’t Dillon playing on the 4th down? I’d like to see what the kid is capable of doing on the goal-line. What was even stranger, in my opinion, was AJ Dillon started the next series in the backfield. But I’m not the head coach, and the Packers won convincingly, so nobody cares what I think. HAHA!

With the bye week coming up, I’m hoping the Packers work on that run defense. It’s the biggest concern I have on the team. I’m still not entirely confident that this defense will stop the run against a top-tier team, especially if they get behind early. But everything else I see from this team is more than encouraging.

And how bout dem Cowboys? It’s not that I enjoy watching Mike McCarthy fall flat on his face… wait a minute… YES, I do! I saw a post on social media where people thought it was pretty low for Packers fans to be happy about Mccarthy failing. Let me break it down for you. Mccarthy squandered a few golden opportunities to bring another championship back to Middletown. I don’t feel like he gave the team his best efforts after winning the Super Bowl. In the last few seasons, he seemed to be going through the motions and collecting a paycheck. There was no passion within the team. He stuck with a defensive coordinator that continued to underperform for far too long. Sorry, but I’m not sorry.

It’s hard for me to feel bad for a multi-millionaire who wasted a few of Rodgers’s prime years. Call me petty, that’s fine. It’s just a bonus that I get to watch the trainwreck that is Mccarthy’s game-planning happen to the Dallas Cowboys. Ezekiel Elliot is one of the top running backs in the NFL, and Dak Prescott is passing for 400 plus yards every game; real smart Mccarthy. Bahaha!

What do you think about the Packers being 4-0 heading into the bye week? Let me know in the comments. Go Pack Go!!

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