Bye Week Blues

Bye weeks are brutal. The Green Bay Packers were on a scheduled bye week this past weekend, so I was robbed of watching some real football. I was rather looking forward to a week where I could watch the Vikings, Bears, and Cowboys lose. But as I said earlier, bye weeks are brutal. And the bizzaro world that is the NFL is flat out unpredictable.

The horrific action could not have possibly started any more disastrous. The pathetic Bears lucked and found a way to win over the Brady led Buccanneers. Whats up with that? I thought Brady was the GOAT… I guess GOATS choke when they see the likes of a Bear. That wasn’t bad enough, the horror continued.

Coming into the weekend I wanted the Dallas Cowboys to lose. Because I can’t stand the Cowboys, their ownership, or their Coach. When the weekend was over, I was left feeling bad for Dak Prescott. The game of football is very unforgiving. The business of football is even more unforgiving. All I can say is I hope we haven’t seen the last of Prescott. I hate seeing injuries of any kind.  The Cowboys won their game, but by the end of it I didn’t care either way. I felt bad for Dak because he bet on himself and lost.

The Seattle Seahawks should just skip the first three and a half quarters of every game and let Russell Wilson lead a late comeback in the fourth quarter. It seems to happen every week. The Hawks looked dead in the water. Its as is Vikings head Coach Mike Zimmer has never seen Russell Wilson play. With a five point lead late in the game, Zimmer decided to go for it on fourth and short instead of kicking a field goal that would’ve given his queens an eight point lead. The Vikings blew the play and gave Wilson the smallest opening. And Wilson is the master at taking advantage of such openings. The hawks drove the field and stole this one away from the Vikes. Brutal way to pick up their fourth loss of the season. But I’m not complaining, I rather enjoy watching the queens choke.

The Chiefs lost to the Raiders and the 49ers got blown out by the Dolphins. Yeah, you read that right… I said the Dolphins blew out the 49ers. With the bizarre happenings that occurred during this weeks NFL Season I’m kind of glad the Packers didn’t play. Bizarro loss or Bizarro injury, something was in the NFL Gatorade this past weekend.

After watching the action, I became even more excited about the way the Packer started the season. No team is unbeatable, and Aaron Rodgers is playing better than he has in years; he also has a top-five running back to take a bunch of pressure off. The Packers defense is up and down, but at least they aren’t as bad as that shit show of a defense Dallas keeps trotting out onto the field. I love the Packers chances this year, and I can’t wait for the Pack to return to action next week so I can watch some real football again. 

Go Pack Go!!

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