No Pack No!!

The Tampa Curse. My old man’s been talking about it for years. For reasons beyond logical comprehension, The Tampa Bay Suckaneers used to play in the NFC North division. The old man said it was the weirdest thing. The Packers owned Tampa at Lambeau but always lost when they traveled to Tampa. I assured the old man that this was a new day, Tom Brady is past his prime, and the Packers high powered offense was getting Davante Adams back. “Big deal,” the old man responded and proceeded to explain how Adams did, in fact, hurt the Packers offense when returning from injury last year. It’s hard to argue; I remember it well. When the top wideout for the Packers returned from injury a season ago, the offense struggled mightily. So what could possibly go wrong?

It started out great. Scoring by the Packers, harmless taunting by Aaron Rodgers, and no signs of the offense struggling in the early going. But things sure can change in an instant in the NFL. Coming into this game, Rogers hadn’t thrown an interception this season. And I guess Rodgers felt he should go big or go home. A-Rod threw a pick-six; his intended receiver was a well covered Davante Adams. Aaron Jones also struggled in this game, but it is hard t run the football when trailing by multiple scores in the second half. And the Packers didn’t have enough rushing attempts in the early going of this game, in my opinion.

Davante Adams is indeed bad luck for the Packers when he returns from injury. Rodgers favors Adams far too much, a very disappointing thing for a veteran quarterback who shits $100 bills to do. But after throwing his first interception of the seasons, Rodgers once again tried forcing the football to Davante Adams, and it got intercepted. And that was it. The Packers got blasted the rest of the way. So, either Davante Adams is the jinx that turned the entire Packers football team to mush. Or some low-level mob associate who is also a degenerate gambler with terrible luck decided to put some cash on the Packers. It sure seemed like a safe bet heading into this week.

My takeaways from this loss are quite simple. All of the excitement that builds up within me was burst during this game. I thought the Packers took a few huge steps in the offseason, but the glaring weaknesses were heavily exposed in this game. This Packers team cannot play from behind. They need the lead, or they just plain give up. Of course, there is time to get these issues fixed. The Packers got blown out because they mentally checked out of this game after a 10-0 lead. This loss displayed poor leadership by Rodgers and LaFleur. I was very disappointed with the Packers’ lack of heart and can only hope they find a way to improve that run defense. I also hope the offense comes out and establishes a considerable lead early, or this team is in trouble. Its callous watching millionaires turn in a half-assed performance. To say this Packers fan is disappointed is a massive understatement.

Win, lose or draw, the Packers are my team. And even though they lead the division at present, Da Bears Still Suck.

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