A political virus

Wear masks, they said. It’ll stop the spread of the virus, they said. Or did they actually say it would slow the spread? That’s it. They’d never use the words STOP the spread of the virus. If they had, they could lose the political advantage they think they have. How did President Trump handle Covid 19? That’s what this is about. The government has failed the American people, holding up a relief package because they’re fighting over which billion-dollar corporations to bail out or give tax breaks. Did you happen to see the Nancy Pelosi meltdown when Wolf Blitzer interviewed her? I won’t get too deep into that, but something the house speaker said sticks out in my mind. In the middle of her meltdown, she said she feeds the American people. Really? Is that what American’s think the government is for? If you believe the government is supposed to feed you, you are a part of the problem. If you believe the government is supposed to support you throughout your life, you are a part of the problem. What I know is that I’ve seen people wearing masks for weeks, but the numbers continue to rise. Therefore, the masks aren’t working. Let’s move on from that idea.

If you blame President Trump for the spread of the virus, you are a part of the problem. President Trump issued a travel ban back in January. Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden both criticized his actions. Then, the Liberals sit up on their high horse blaming Trump, but what have they done? Oh, that’s right. They were trying to impeach the President during an election year, wasting taxpayer dollars. Biden even accused Trump of fear-mongering over trying to implement the travel ban. But now he criticizes Trump for not acting fast enough. Give me a break! They indeed weren’t warning the American people about COVID-19. How about blaming all the selfish assholes that decided to get on a plane and travel states away after being told about the virus? Or, how about we stop pointing fingers because it doesn’t accomplish anything.

Call me a selfish asshole, but I want my freedom back. I don’t want to be forced into wearing a mask. I know the risks, and I can choose to stay home. I don’t need the government telling me what’s appropriate and what isn’t. The government thinks all of us are dumb. Joe Biden’s political ads talk about how we have to get a hold of this virus before bringing the economy back. I’ve known several people that had the Corona Virus. Every person I’ve known has recovered, so what do we need to get under control? Is it essential to shut the entire country down over a virus that more than 99% of people recover from? But what if I carry it to somebody I love? Fear-mongering at its finest. What if I get into a car accident and die today? The what-ifs will never stop.

Joe Biden has been in government forever. So, if you argue that the system is racist, wouldn’t it be Biden’s fault? Why are all the issues Trump’s fault? Isn’t Biden the one that said your not black if you don’t support him? Imagine if Trump said that? He’d be crucified and kicked out of the election. Why the double standard. Politics suck!!

Please don’t get mad at me for thinking this virus is blown way out of proportion. Blame the government that demands we wear masks while they themselves aren’t wearing one. Blame the government that ordered small businesses to close down, then promised to help. Where is the help? Blame the government that continues to give itself a raise when all they do is argue and fight. And they dare to ask the American people to donate to the fake ass smear campaigns. But many Americans have become experts at pointing that finger. It’s not my fault; it couldn’t possibly be my fault. Let me break this down for you if you are an American citizen that’s not happy with his/her situation in life, change it. Don’t let the government dictate life to you. The government is not supposed to support us. The government is not supposed to control us. The government is supposed to regulate us and enforce the laws. But the most important thing we have as Americans is an opportunity.

Don’t let these political asses come between you and your loved ones. That’s what THEY want. I have no faith in Trump or Biden. What a couple of clowns. This election will pass, but your family will always be your family, and hopefully, your friends will remain when this mess is over. The government fights and fights while letting the American people’s lives hang in the balance. Then Joe Biden sits up there, with all his millions of dollars, and tries to say he understands what American families are going through. Give me a break. This clown doesn’t know shit about what the average person goes through. Typical politician, 47 years of talking but the dumb bastard hasn’t done shit.

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