The Pack Attack is Back!!

Ok, so first things first. The only reason the Pack Attack lost to the Suckaneers last week was because of the Tampa Curse,… and Davante Adams jinxed the team,… and because Rodgers gave up after throwing a couple of pretty terrible throws,… and because the defense can’t stop the run,… and is there any possible way we can blame Mike Mccarthy for that loss?? Ok, that last one a bit of a stretch, I guess. But the Pack Attack was back on track this past weekend, with a reasonably impressive victory over the Houston Texans.

Aaron Rodgers posted impressive numbers against Houston’s defense, throwing for 283 yards and 4 touchdowns. Aaron Jones was forced to miss this week’s game due to an injury he suffered in practice. Getting hurt in practice is kinda like getting fired on your day off; it’s embarrassing like dialing 80 wrong phone numbers in a row embarrassing. I mean, how exactly does a guy get injured in practice?

Anyway, I hope my man Jones heals up and is back in the lineup very soon. Jamaal Williams is a solid back, and I think I’m starting to realize why AJ Dillon hasn’t seen more playing time. Jamaal Williams injects some much-needed energy into this team; this guy is ALL energy ALL the time. I can’t imagine what it’s like sitting on the travel plane or bus next to this guy. It looks like he drinks about 12 cups of coffee before the game; the downs another 2 or three at halftime. I won’t go so far as to say that Aaron Jones wasn’t missed; he undoubtedly was. However, Jamaal Williams is more than capable should Jones need another game or two to heal up. May as well get Jones back a hundred percent healthy for the home stretch. Injuries like the one Jones suffered are one of the reasons I hate early bye weeks. Now guys will have to miss games to recover from these hamstring and groin injuries. I’m quite sure this is somehow Donald Trump’s fault.

Now, I fully realize that it’s tough to criticize a team that wins by double digits, but the inner fan in me just needs to vent. I’m noticing a disturbing trend with Rodgers dating back to last season. Everyone keeps saying that the Packers need another receiver, and I couldn’t disagree more. The Packers need their veteran quarterback to realize he has more receivers than just Davante Adams on the field. The same thing that happened to the Packers in Tampa last week happened last year when Adams returned from injuries. The offense struggles because Rodgers will force the ball to Adams. I swear Rodgers must have Adams on his fantasy team. Hasn’t he ever heard the phrase take what the defense gives you? Because, eventually, they’ll give you the game. Give some of these other guys some opportunities. More than half of Rodgers’s completions and attempts were to Adams. The Packers can get away with these kinds of tactics against a team that doesn’t have a head coach and has a terrible defense, but the best of the best will take Adams away. Which could turn into the Packers offense looking like it did against Tampa Bay. The worst part is when Adams isn’t in there, Rodgers throws to the guys he refuses to throw to when Adams is in there; it just doesn’t make sense.

The defensive unit, led by defensive coordinate Mike Pettine, came up with some solid stops during the second half of the game. I would’ve loved to see the Packers finish off the Texans sooner, but a win is a win. When push came to shove they got the job done. Sure, the Packers have their flaws. The defense is somewhat inconsistent and untrustworthy. And every so often Rodgers turns in a dud like he did last week. Still, no NFL team is perfect all the time. I’m hoping they can use it as a learning experience and grow from it.. And they likely won’t have to return to Tampa Bay, so the Tampa Curse won’t be able to bite them in the rear end again. So they got that going for themselves.

And bonus! The Bears lost to the Rams!

So the Packers are in first place in the NFC North!!

All in all, I’m excited to see the Pack get back in the win column. Now we got the queens next week, should be pushovers. So bring em on!!

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