The Pack Pick: 49ers

Hello everyone and welcome to the Pack Pick. I was wrong with my pick last week, and that affects my pick for this week. Without further ado, here’s my analysis for the upcoming game.

First, I don’t think this game is what anyone was expecting it to be. San Francisco is a squad completely decimated by injuries, featuring a team of back ups having to play in a high profile setting. Every one of their offensive skill positions has been impacted by injuries, and their defense is also not the dominant force it was last year. That adds up to a .500 mark halfway through the season, already more losses than they had last year.

For the Packers, they are also a team heading into this game wondering. I don’t know who will play running back, and after Dalvin Cook eviscerated the defense last week, we don’t know if this team is any better equipped for a postseason run than the team was last year. Also not working in the Packers favor is a short week and a long trip to the West Coast. Plus, I think it’s concerning they couldn’t muster up the energy to face a bad division foe at home. Were they looking ahead, or is this a sign of things to come?

This game, like so many others the Packers will face later in the year, comes down to if they can stop the run. Both teams are missing key players, the 49ers more so than the Packers, but the schemes are still in place. San Francisco, despite their injuries, is still a bad match up for Green Bay. They like to run the ball and play physical football, which is a weakness for the Packers. Despite thinking Green Bay wants this game to avenge last year’s two defeats, I don’t trust their rush defense as much as I trust 49ers’ mental edge. Kyle Shanahan clearly knows Matt LaFleur, and that has been a nightmare matchup for the young Packers coach. Much as I don’t want to, I’m picking the 49ers despite thinking Green Bay should win.

The Pick: San Francisco 27 Green Bay 21

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