Absolutely Disgusting

Dear Fellow Americans,
The government doesn’t care about you.

Those of you who are glad that Joe Biden is about to win this circus of an election may feel all warm and tingly inside, but did you know that the Democratic Party spent nearly Fourteen Billion dollars to win this Presidential race? They couldn’t stand the thought of sending another stimulus check signed by Donald Trump out to the American people before this election. No! They’d rather you lose your house and hold up the stimulus they’ve been teasing us with for MONTHS now while spending Fourteen Billion Dollars to smear Donald Trump’s name. They’d rather play politics and let YOU starve while deciding which corporate conglomerate trillionaires will get bailout cash and tax breaks. They have the nerve to sit on TV and claim they know what the everyday working stiff goes through. Politicians make me sick.

Donald Trump says he’s taking this to court. He’s openly stated what a lot of Americans have suspected for years. The American Election System is a sham! Really? Tell me something I didn’t know. The Republicans have been no better than the Democrats throughout this process. Several weeks ago, Donald Trump was planting the seeds of fraud directly into the center of this election. Trump declared the only way he’d lose Pennsylvania was if there were voter fraud. Now I must admit, this election does look pretty sketchy. Many Biden states, such as California, were called for Biden immediately after the polls closed. And I realize that most mail-in ballots come from Democratic voters, but I find it hard to believe that Biden’s getting nearly ALL those votes. And all the battleground states are coming down to the wire.

I also find it impossible to believe that Joe Biden, a man who can hardly speak in complete sentences, has received more votes than any Presidential candidate in this country’s history. I’m sure that fraud occurs during every election; the question for the 2020 election is who runs the better fraudulent smear campaign?

The Dumb-O-Crats?

What is he talking about?

Or Repub-li-Cants??

It takes a cheater to know a cheater

Are these governmental clowns for real???

Do you expect me to believe this guy received more votes than any other Presidential candidate in United States history…


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