Political Fraud

Wow! This is worse than I thought. The Government has conducted the worst election I’ve ever seen. First off, we all knew this election was going to be screwed up. What, with the danger of the Corona Virus, they’ve been cramming down our throats all year. Imagine, if you will, a virus so dangerous that you have to be tested even to know that you had it. Please! The Government has been playing politics this entire year.

I’d trust my 11 and 8-year-old nieces to conduct a more accurate, less fraudulent count than the United States Government has done here. No matter which side your on, this election raises a lot of questions. The media indeed was pushing Joe Biden in the early going. Granting him states before they were even 70% counted. On the flip side, when states had 90% counted, and Trump held the lead, they didn’t award him the state. NO! They were too busy seeing how many more ballots they had to get for Biden. And as much as I don’t want to believe that’s true, it damn sure looks like the Demonrats are trying to pull a fast one.

I don’t get how the Democratic supporters claimed there was election interference when Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016. I’m sure there was some kind of fraud; there always is in politics. But this time around, they’re screaming about how the system works, and there couldn’t possibly be fraud. What’s up with that? I guess Democrats really can’t think for themselves. The bottom line is politics stink no matter what way you cut it. So, I’ve made some memes out of enjoyment or disgust. I’ll let you decide. Enjoy!

That’s right! IT STINKS!!
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