Star Wars Musings

Hello everyone. It’s Monday and that means it’s time to talk some Star Wars. There are a few rumors going around on the internet right now, and I wanted to address a couple of those today and offer my personal insight on them. First, there’s been a rumor that Kathleen Kennedy’s contract as president of […]

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Best/Worst Horror Sequels

Hello everyone and welcome to another Fright Day. Today, I would like to rate the sequels of some of my favorite movies. I will be picking horror movie franchises that I have viewed in their entirety. Without further ado NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD Best: Dawn of the Dead- I would say this is the […]

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The Pack Pick

Hello everyone and welcome to the Pack Pick. This will be a new weekly column running through the season where I will analyze the upcoming matchup for the Green Bay Packers. The opponent this week is the Houston Texans. To say the Texans have underachieved would be an understatement. The team started the year terribly […]

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Next Favorite

Hello everyone. We come to Monday once again, and that means we can talk some Star Wars. I’d like to continue my list of favorite characters, and today I present my case for Princess Leia. When we first see her, she becomes the one that sets the story in motion. Giving the precious plans to […]

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Top Horror Genres

Hello everyone and welcome to another Fright Day. I have been enjoining the month of October immensely, watching horror movies and Treehouses of Horror regularly. Today, I want to give you a list of my top five horror genres. These are the movies I go to this time of year. I hope you enjoy. 5. […]

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Another Favorite

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of Monday Star Wars Talk. Today, I would like to continue my favorite character countdown. Today’s post will focus on arguably the most recognizable character in the saga, Darth Vader. Vader is an imposing figure, introduced to us as the villain of the story. Despite having minimal screen […]

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Treehouse of Horror

Hello everyone and welcome to Fright Day. Today, as the name implies, I would like to present my very top Treehouse of Horror episodes from the Simpsons. The Simpsons is my favorite television show, and it just wouldn’t be Halloween if I didn’t view the Treehouses of Horror. Watching them, even now, takes me back […]

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Pack Recap: 1993 Review

Hello everyone and welcome to the Pack Recap. Today, we will talk about the 1993 season in review. It was an important one in Packer history, providing their first playoff appearance in a non strike season since 1972. We will take a look at the season’s leaders and personal milestones: Passing- Favre 318-522 3303 YDS […]

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Favorite Characters Continued

Hello everyone. It is Monday and you all know what that means. Let’s talk some Star Wars. Last week, I ran down my list of most disliked characters in the franchise, and today I will continue with my favorites. Today’s character is no longer canon, but I doubt you will find very many Star Wars […]

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Favorite Stephen King Horror Books

Hello everyone and welcome to Fright Day. Today, I would like to analyze my favorite author. That is none other than Stephen King, a man synonymous with the horror genre. King is much more than a horror writer, but is known for creating some of the scariest characters in literature. Today, I would like to […]

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