A Nice Drive

Good morning everyone. I hope you all are having a great day. I know that my column so far has talked a lot about writing, but I’d also like it to show some of the other things I like to do. One of my favorite things is taking a drive with my wife. We usually […]

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Championship Recap

Good morning all. I hope Wednesday finds you all in good spirits, and just remember that after today, the weekend is right around the corner. Before we get there though, I’d like to recap what happened in the games this past weekend. It won’t be easy for the second game(haha) but I will do my […]

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Seriously? That’s all I can really say Angry Star Wars fan. Your ridiculous rants about how it’s everyone else’s fault as to why Anakin fell to the Dark Side are just too much. I’m not going to go over your entire video, but I wanted to pick out a few key points that I have […]


Happy Saturday

Hello everyone. I won’t be talking about writing every week, but I am today because I’m excited about completing my latest book. As always, I’m a little nervous about finishing it because I know we’re going to publish it soon. When I first started publishing, I didn’t know how to feel. There was a lot […]

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NFL Picks: Championship Round

What an insane weekend of football. From Tennessee dominating to Kansas City dropping 51 points in 32 minutes, and from San Francisco dominating Minnesota to Aaron Rodgers dropping an absolute dime on a clutch third down, I think we can all agree that it was an exciting weekend. Last week, I went 3-1 with my […]

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Obi-Wan-Anakin's Superior

So, the Angry Star Wars fan likes to point out that Obi Wan should take responsibility for Anakin’s fall to the Dark Side. That is a ludicrous statement, and I intend to explain why. Let’s take a look at everything Obi Wan went through: He watched his master die in front of him. The girl […]

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Hello Everyone

Hello everyone. My name is Eric, and I am one half of a husband and wife writing team. We publish under the name of J.E. Kaster, and we currently have three books available on Amazon. I wanted to make this post as a way of introducing myself to the blogging community. I am hoping to […]

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Hey everyone. The Divisional Round is coming up fast, and I’d like to offer my predictions on who will make it to the Championship Round. So, without further ado, here are my picks: Minnesota at San Francisco I think this game will be closer than some think. Minnesota has playoff experience, which I think helps […]


Darth Vader Fails!

So, I noticed that someone on this page really, and I mean really, seems to like Darth Vader. I have no problem with him, except he always seems to come up small when people need him the most. To remind that certain person that Vader isn’t all he’s cracked up to be, I’ve come up […]

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