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The Pack Recap: 1993 Offseason

Hello everyone and welcome to the Pack Recap. Two weeks ago, we spotlighted a decision that changed the Packers and the NFL landscape as Reggie White decided to sign with Green Bay in the offseason. That move paid off for the Packers as White was instrumental in helping Green Bay win a Super Bowl. However, […]

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Jorge Masvidal’s loss at UFC 251 this past weekend wasn’t his fault. It all started with a five-second KO of Ben Askren. It’s a Most Unstoppable Force Of course, one could say Askren himself is a victim of this curse. His entire UFC run was corrupted by my fandom, resulting in devastating consequences to his […]

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Vader vs. Palpatine

Hello everyone and welcome to Monday Star Wars talk. As usual, we’ll be delving into issues in that galaxy far far away, and today I want to delve into who is the ultimate villain of the saga. Is it Vader, or his master, Palpatine? To answer this question, we need perspective. Both of them are […]

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The lies of Kenobi

6 Lies Expressed by Obi-Wan Kenobi Not that long ago, in a galaxy that resides inside his head… An Angry Star Wars Fan Theory… Obi-Wan Kenobi is the biggest liar in the Star Wars Galaxy. Think about it: when we get introduced to Obi-Wan in A New Hope, he goes by the name Ben Kenobi. […]

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Fight the President

The name Dana White is synonymous with the UFC. Many fighters have come and gone, but Dana remains. There’s little doubt that mixed martial arts wouldn’t be what it is today without the UFC President, but that doesn’t make him right all the time. Any fighter that’s ever questioned Dana’s authority inevitably finds themselves on […]

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Spin-offs I Want!

Hello everyone and welcome to Star Wars Monday talk. With the release of new Star Wars titles all across various media, as well as rumors of what’s to come, I wanted to give you a list of the Star Wars spin-offs that I want to see on screen or television. So, without further ado: 5. […]

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The Pack Recap: Reggie White

Hello everyone and welcome to the Pack Recap. Last week, we started our 1993 season analysis and that will be a continuing theme as we move forward. Which brings us to today, when we will begin to view the important offseason acquisitions. And it doesn’t get bigger than the topic today, Reggie White. Reggie White […]

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Spoiled Brat??

I’ve come to realize that no matter what circumstances I may come across in my life, I’ll always find a way to complain. Yesterday, I woke up in a great mood. I was giving myself a friendly good morning pep talk as I prepared to begin my food delivery journey for the day. I have […]

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Top Legends Storylines

Hello everyone and welcome to Star Wars Monday talk. Obviously, we have covered a lot of topics in this weekly column. Some of those topics include what is “Disney Canon”, and some “Legends Canon”. I prefer Legends myself, and today I wanted to go over my Top 5 favorite Legends Storylines. So, without further ado: […]

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