A Food Delivery Rant

I’ve been doing food deliveries for Uber Eats and Grubhub for almost 2 years now, and I’ve gotten to see some pretty interesting things during that time. Delivering food is quite easy, but it does have some drawbacks. One of them is delivering after dark. It’s always hard to find the right address, and apartment […]

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Matt’s Rants addresses UFC 247

Happy Tuesday, everyone! This week I have to address the UFC 247 judges and commentating team. First off, I’m a Joe Rogan fan, but I can admit his commentating is hugely biased. This was very evident in the main event of UFC 247. From the opening round, the entire commentating team consisting of Rogan, Dominick […]

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Hang onto that Hat

This week on Matt’s Rants, I’ll be addressing scandalous women. Now remember gentlemen, women can only take advantage of us if we put them in a position to do so. Have confidence in yourself as a man and never use items such as the hat your wearing to score a phone number or get a […]

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Matt’s Rants

Ok, this week, I have to address the people who continue to criticize the NFL officiating. First of all, I can almost guarantee that all of you critics would not be able to make even one proper call in actual time. Just think, the announcers are criticizing the call before they know for sure what’s […]

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Introducing: Matt's Rants

Good morning everyone! I’m doing Matt’s Rants so I can vent my inner frustrations on whatever craziness is going on in the world around me. I want to start by venting about the New England Patriots. So a lot of people are using the word dynasty. Using that word is both an insult to the […]

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