Wasted Talent

Chael Sonnen recently posted a video I found interesting where he pretty much accuses the police of harassing Jones. Chael questions why the police put Jones through a series of tests after Jon had admitted to drinking. I decided to watch the video for myself to see if good ole Uncle Chael had a point. […]

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Wednesday Sports

Well, another week has passed without sports. Fortunately, we have a whole host of history to look back on and appreciate. With that in mind, I would like to give everyone my top five starting basketball players of all time. I know there will be some disagreements, but I’ve watched the NBA for awhile. I’ve […]

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Remembering a Legend

Happy Friday folks! I wish everyone the best amidst this ongoing chaos. I’m gonna take a few moments today to talk about one of the best fighters of all time, Chuck Liddell. Now, here’s a guy that never backed down from a challenge. He didn’t let himself get caught up in the politics of the […]

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A Lot Has Changed

It’s another Wednesday, and in an effort to take people’s mind off of the growing affliction in our country, I wanted to recap a few moves I saw from NFL Free Agency so far. I won’t get to all the moves, but just a few that caught my eye. First, DeAndre Hopkins having a new […]

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5th Time is a Charm

I find myself falling into that trap. I told myself not to get excited about this fight until it actually happens. Yet I find myself bursting with excitement more than a month out. On April 18th Khabib Nurmagomedov is scheduled to take on Tony Ferguson. This is the 5th time it’s been scheduled, each fighter […]

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Top Ten Packers

Well it’s another Wednesday without the NFL. I suppose there’s other sports, but I wanted to take the time today to talk about my favorite team. I’m from Green Bay, so of course it’s gotta be the Packers. This is my top ten list in terms of who I think are the greatest Packers of […]

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UFC 248’s Main Event

I’m still in disbelief. Not so much over the actual fight. Israel Adesanya went on Ariel Helwani’s MMA show and insisted on continuing to talking shit. Claiming he damaged Yoel’s leg and clinging to this idea that he inflicted all kinds of damage on Romero. Dana White also blamed Romero for this fight not being […]

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And The Winner IS….

Paulo Costa!UFC 248 certainly ended on a sour note, but the night as a whole was quite entertaining. I found it utterly hilarious that Yoel Romero accused Adesanya of being a ghost. Romero is the fighter that missed weight multiple times recently. The fact that the UFC gave him a title shot coming off a […]

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I’ve Been Convinced

Happy Friday, Fight Fans! Paulo Costa tried convincing the UFC that he was healthy enough to take a fight against Israel Adesanya. I guess he doesn’t like the idea of Yoel Romero getting a title shot coming off a loss. At first, neither did I. Costa beat Romero in his last fight, but Yoel clearly […]

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Let’s Talk Trash

Hello everyone and happy Wednesday. I know I usually talk football stuff here, but I wanted to switch gears a little bit and talk about the NBA. I think the big thing that caught my attention probably caught a few other people’s as well. That thing would be James Harden. This past week, he gave […]

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