Saturday’s Writer’s Corner

Hello everyone and welcome to the Writer’s Corner. Today, I would like to introduce an original short story to the blog. It’s about 3600 words long, and it is horror themed. I hope you all enjoy, and thank you for reading. SCAVENGER HUNT By J.E. Kaster             “Just do it already,” Allie said.  She looked around […]

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Why I love writing

I hated reading and writing as a kid. I’d do anything I could to avoid actually reading that chapter for my Literature class. This resulted in me never getting my homework done and staying after school for what they called a teacher’s assigned detention. Oh, how I hated those dreaded book reports. Looking back, I’ve […]

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We Haven’t Forgotten

Hello everyone. I know it’s been a few weeks, but I just wanted to let you guys know that we are hard at work on things here at the blog. The story collaboration is going good. We’ve set up the opening section, and I’m really interested to see where it goes. In the meantime, all […]

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Excitement For The Future

Hello everyone. Hopefully the past week has been a good one for you. There were a few notable things happening for me this past week and one thing will change up the weekly column here. First, I had a nice Father’s Day. My wife and children put together a little collage of myself and the […]

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Saturday Hobbies

Hello everyone and welcome to another Saturday. Hopefully you are all doing well and making it through this crazy time. I do that by staying grounded, and the easiest way to stay grounded is by having hobbies. I have a few different ones, obviously. Writing would be my first one. I can write at any […]

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Hello everyone. I hope you are all safe and staying healthy. You know, I write that every week and it seems to need to be more and more true. Things are, for lack of a better description, crazy right now. I use this blog to write and sometimes post my feelings on certain issues, and […]

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Saturday Books

Hello everyone and welcome to another Saturday post. Today, I would like to discuss something near and dear to my heart. That would be novels. In particular, Stephen King novels. He’s been an influence on my writing style, with one of the highest compliments, of which I don’t think I’m worthy of, being that I […]

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Upcoming Milestones

Hello everyone. Happy Saturday and once again, I hope you are all healthy. As the calendar begins to turn from May to June, I realized that I have a couple of upcoming milestones in my life. The one that will happen first is that my wife and I will celebrate ten years of marriage. It […]

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Hello everyone and happy Saturday. As always, I hope you guys are safe and healthy reading this post. What’s this post about? Progress. Specifically, progress as it relates to my current writing project. I’m kind of sad to admit that things didn’t quite go as planned with the current project. I had hoped to be […]

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