The Book That Hooked Me

Happy Saturday everyone. I hope this past week has been good for you all. Today, I want to talk about one of my favorite hobbies. I’m talking about reading, and more specifically, finding my favorite author. Now I know Stephen King is probably a lot of people’s favorite author. But the first book I ever […]

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A Little Bit on Writing

Once again, Happy Saturday! I hope everyone is having another great weekend. Today, I wanted to talk a little bit about our decision to self publish on Amazon. I don’t necessarily think self publishing is any easier than the traditional method. Sure, you skip all of the rejection aspect of publishing, but you also run […]

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Another Week

This past week really flew by. A lot of things happened, some of which have given me some new perspective on life in general. Unfortunately, the big thing that shaped the week wasn’t pleasant. I don’t want to go into details, but I’ll just say that it gave me a new outlook. I’m going to […]

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Favorite Things

Happy Saturday everyone. Since this is a weekly piece that I hope helps you get to know me, I’d like to give you guys a rundown of some of my favorite things. Who knows? Maybe we will have something in common. Author: Stephen King He is probably the single biggest inspiration to my writing career. […]

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A Nice Drive

Good morning everyone. I hope you all are having a great day. I know that my column so far has talked a lot about writing, but I’d also like it to show some of the other things I like to do. One of my favorite things is taking a drive with my wife. We usually […]

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Happy Saturday

Hello everyone. I won’t be talking about writing every week, but I am today because I’m excited about completing my latest book. As always, I’m a little nervous about finishing it because I know we’re going to publish it soon. When I first started publishing, I didn’t know how to feel. There was a lot […]

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Hello Everyone

Hello everyone. My name is Eric, and I am one half of a husband and wife writing team. We publish under the name of J.E. Kaster, and we currently have three books available on Amazon. I wanted to make this post as a way of introducing myself to the blogging community. I am hoping to […]

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