Saturday Hobbies

Hello everyone and welcome to another Saturday. Hopefully you are all doing well and making it through this crazy time. I do that by staying grounded, and the easiest way to stay grounded is by having hobbies. I have a few different ones, obviously. Writing would be my first one. I can write at any […]

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Upcoming Milestones

Hello everyone. Happy Saturday and once again, I hope you are all healthy. As the calendar begins to turn from May to June, I realized that I have a couple of upcoming milestones in my life. The one that will happen first is that my wife and I will celebrate ten years of marriage. It […]

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Wednesday Once Again

Hello everyone. Once again, it is Wednesday, and that means I’m talking sports today. I know it can be difficult during this time to talk about things resembling normalcy, but I will continue to try and keep the mood light and entertaining. Keeping that in mind, I would like to talk about my favorite football […]

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