Sith Windu

Not that long ago, in a galaxy that resides inside his head… An Angry Star Wars Fan Theory… Mace Windu didn’t want Anakin Skywalker to be the Chosen One. He was jealous of Anakin’s Force potential from the moment Qui-Gon was explaining to the Jedi council that he’d discovered a vergence in The Force. It’s […]

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Not that long ago…

In a galaxy that resides inside his head….. ‘Some links on this page are affiliate links. The Express Yourself Freely Blog may earn a small commission if you purchase something after clicking it.’

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The Cowardly Jedi

The Angry Star Wars Fan hits the Logical Inquisitor with some Jedi knowledge The Angry Star Wars Fan is not meant to be taken seriously. These videos are an attempt at having a bit of fun with Star Wars. As far as the Angry Fan is concerned, Darth Vader is the only character within the […]

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