Controversial Contender

At firts, I couldn’t see why Israel Adesanya and the UFC granted Yoel Romero a title shot. Romero has lost his last 3 of his previous four fights. He’s also been unable to make weight for 2 of his title shots. Could you imagine Romero finding a way to win and not making weight for […]

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Matt’s Rants addresses UFC 247

Happy Tuesday, everyone! This week I have to address the UFC 247 judges and commentating team. First off, I’m a Joe Rogan fan, but I can admit his commentating is hugely biased. This was very evident in the main event of UFC 247. From the opening round, the entire commentating team consisting of Rogan, Dominick […]

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Reyes is the Superior Fighter

I’m just gonna come out and say it. Jon Jones fought scared last night. He was the only fighter I watched turn his back and run. More than once, he was put in a position where he felt like he needed to retreat by running away. To me, that’s not fighting like a champion. Dominick […]

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